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5 reasons why you need mobile POS in your store

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Today, consumers emphasize the importance of customer experience when visiting physical stores. With an mPOS, you will be able to offer your customers a consumer-friendly shopping experience tailored to their needs and expectations. We highlight 5 good reasons to invest in a mobile POS solution.

The point-of-sale solution may seem like a small, relatively insignificant part of the consumer’s overall shopping experience in your store. However, the reality is that most customers think it is an important part of their buying experience. Therefore, you should consider optimizing your POS solution if customer satisfaction is to be increased.

A mobile POS puts an end to the classic understanding that customers are served by the sales assistant at the counter in the store. It is, on the other hand, a handheld device where sales assistants, among other things, can accept payments and place orders anywhere in the store.

But why serve your customers with an mPOS at all? We give you five good reasons why.

#1. Shorter queues

Equipped with an mPOS, sales assistants can serve customers faster and thereby reduce queue and turnaround time. Many consumers have left a store due to a long line. Therefore, time and availability are two factors that come into play when consumers evaluate the customer experience. With a mobile POS solution, store owners can provide their employees with the number of sales devices they need. In this way, they can ensure that customers are serviced quickly and efficiently without long waiting times – even during peak periods.

#2. Easy payment

The payment market has undergone major changes in recent years. Only 23% of Danish payments in physical stores are made by cash. And as many as 46% of Danes have less than DKK 100 in cash. Traditional POS solutions with cash drawers are therefore not as big a necessity in stores.

A mobile POS device can handle all kinds of payments anywhere in the store. These payments include transactions through contactless, scan, swipe, or credit card insertion and can also accept mobile payments. If your business uses gift cards, membership points, or discount coupons, these can also be used as payments on the mPOS.

Watch a video of a sale made with a mobile POS

#3. Increase flexibility

A mobile POS solution enables sales assistants to be in close contact with the customer throughout the entire process when they are released from the checkout counter. The employees can therefore both handle and receive payments in all corners of the store without having to depend on whether a checkout counter is available or not.

At the same time, the mobile POS solution invites you to rethink the layout of your store. With the entire store as your sales base, sales assistants can meet customers wherever they are in the store. In addition, items can be presented in a way that makes the shopping experience different from stores where desk counters are centered in the shopping experience.

#4. Experience upsale

Sales assistants have the opportunity to be by the customer’s side throughout the process and have a payment option at hand as soon as the customer decides to make a purchase. By offering the customer a quick and good service, they will also be more likely to return to the same place where they had a good experience.

#5. Closer customer contact

The mobile POS is a useful tool for providing personalized service that customers cannot get online. The staff can act as personal shoppers to a greater extent and deliver good service to the customers with an mPOS at hand. With mobile access to all necessary information, they can easily check stock and prices or create an order without leaving the customer’s side along the way.

POS on iPad and MacBook and mPOS

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