7 things your ERP system should be able to deliver

June 14, 2016
Square with the ERP located in the center and 7 icons located around the square pointing towards it

In this post, we look at 7 important things to consider when buying a new ERP system. We also look at how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your business to further growth.

Square with the ERP located in the center and 7 icons located around the square pointing towards it

It does not have to be difficult

Numerous business owners experience that their existing ERP system can’t keep track with rapid growth or when new market demands come into existence. Some will even experience that those exact tools that kick-started their growth are now holding them back.

This can be lacking functionality, user or database limitations or simply to keep the mobile workforce productive.

Finding, purchasing and implementing a new ERP system is not necessarily a costly affair or a complicated process.

A solution built on Dynamics NAV and Office 365 delivers everything you need to keep your business going and growing.

7 tips

Below are 7 tips your ERP system should be able to deliver to keep your business growing.

#1 Simplify your business processes

When simple processes such as invoicing and end-of-month closing of accounts can take hours or even days, then you might need to consider how to do routine work more efficiently so you can use your time on more pressing matters. With the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the integration to the POS solution NP Retail and the e-commerce solution NP Ecommerce, you avoid double entries. At the same time, you only work in one system where financial management, bookkeeping, order and materials handling, POS, inventory control and reports are all integrated.

#2 Transform the way you work

The traditional workplace is not that traditional anymore. Businesses do not stop because you are on the go or working from your home address. With Dynamics NAV and Office 365, you can create cases, share reports and cooperate from nearly anywhere.
According to research conducted by Microsoft, 67% of employees said that remote work increases their productivity.

#3 Focus on the most important aspects

There is considerable evidence that the future will be about converting business data into insightful information that helps your employees to be more adaptive and customer focused. Power BI is an analytics tool that can perform this and the application is integrated in the ERP solution, Dynamics NAV 2016.

According to research conducted by Microsoft, these four business aspects was considered the most important:

  • Develop and deliver innovative products and services – 24%
  • Improve the quality of products and services – 16%
  • Be able to adapt to rapid changes on the market – 14%
  • Increase customer satisfaction

#4 Internal control

When users of the ERP system can make changes in entries and approve orders without a proper workflow or audit trails your company is at risk. With Dynamics NAV, you get greater control and reduce the risk of fraud.

According to Microsoft, 77% of fraud happens in these six departments:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Top management
  • Customer service
  • Procurement

#5 Be lean – use one system only

Reduce cost and make it as simple as possible to keep track on your business with a system that bring together those tools you use every day. Integrate you and your colleague’s most important tools such as calendar, e-mail and data in one complete platform.

#6 Long-term planning

Are your database size, transactions and user limits holding you back? If your accounting software can’t keep up with your requirements, Dynamics NAV might be the solution for you.

#7 Eliminate risk

Getting started with Dynamics NAV does not have to disrupt your business. The implementation can happen quickly; it is easy to use and includes all the functions you need to meet your future growth ambitions.