An mPOS is an easy way to offer great service

August 8, 2017
Three men and three women sitting in the grass eating food in the sunshine

The entertainment industry can now also reap the benefits of a mobile Point of Sale solution (mPOS) and use it for anything from scanning entry tickets to selling beers and snacks.

Three men and three women sitting in the grass eating food in the sunshine

Equipped with a mobile Point of Sale solution, it is easy to get new ideas and execute them within a short time frame. Imagine the scenario where an attraction realize that the evening’s event is not sold out. As a solution, they can send a few guys on the street with an mPOS to sell and issue the remaining tickets. Later, at the event, the guests can scan their own tickets at the entrance and avoid standing in line at the counter to buy a beer as the mPOS can sell the beverages among the crowds with a mobile sales unit.

An event like this will leave the guests with a good experience of a personal and accessible service. And the best part is that there is no extra work involved in providing this level of service, as the mPOS synchronize with their ticketing and ERP system immediately. It is a win-win deal for everyone and the very essence of modern mobility.

An mPOS can sell anything from concert tickets to beers and snacks

An mPOS provides attractions with great flexibility, as the format serves many purposes. The mobile solution can basically be used in all situations where they want a Point of Sale, but do not want to drag power and internet cables along with them. This is relevant for museums, amusement parks and concert venues who want to have outdoor seating, create satellite bars, or sell snacks in connection with a special event. It is easy to define and alter which sales buttons are featured on the display – it is just a matter of choosing the right options in the setup. The same goes for the scanner functionality – they can easily use the mPOS to issue tickets in the afternoon and then later turn it into a ticket scanner at the entry. Check out further user scenarios on the link below.

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New mobile sales unit for the entertainment industry

Last year, NaviPartner launched a mobile Point of Sale solution for retail customers, allowing the employees to serve customers on the floor instead of at the cash register. Now we are ready with a similar solution for museums and attractions. An mPOS is a complete sales system wrapped up in an iPhone with a supplementary mini printer for printing credit card receipts and tickets. The small and effective sales unit consists of an iPhone on the one side and a credit card terminal on the other. It fits perfectly in the hand or in a belt. Everything is wireless, so all the attractions need in order to get up and running with an mPOS is a mobile phone and a mobile network.

Click on the image to see a video of a sale made from an mPOS

Fully integrated with no risk of overselling

The mobile POS works exactly the same way as a regular Point of Sale. The mPOS is integrated with Dynamics NAV, allowing the mobile device to access ticketing system as well as the entire financial management system. This integration ensures that there is no risk of overselling if there is a certain number of tickets available – even though tickets are sold from both the cash register, the web store and mobile devices. As the sales channels have an ongoing synchronization with Dynamics NAV, the tickets are sold from the same pile, in which the revenue and the ticket registration are handled immediately without any further manual handling.

POS on iPad and MacBook and mPOS

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