Apple Pay – new member of the mobile payment solution’s club

November 13, 2017
Apple Pay as the newest member of mobile payment solutions

Apple further expands their solutions portfolio with Apple Pay – a mobile payment solution. What are the pros and cons of the new solution?

Apple Pay as the newest member of mobile payment solutions

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the new member of the mobile payment solution’s club. Currently, the solution is available in 25 countries worldwide with more to come. The mobile payment solution works on recent Apple products including iPhone SE, iPhone 6 as well as the newest iPhone editions. Additionally, Apple Pay operates on Apple Watch and recent iPads.


The great advantage for retailers and consumers is the fact that Apple Pay works on all payment terminals that accept contactless payments. If the consumer has set up their credit card in Apple’s Wallet solution, they can seamlessly pass their phone/watch towards the payment terminal to complete a sale. Exactly as we know it from contactless payments. As a result of this, retailers do not have to invest in new additional hardware or software updates to accept Apple Pay from their customers.


Even though Apple Pay might be available in your country, the mobile payment solution is only available in certain banks in your geographical area. If the consumer uses a combined Visa card, another disadvantage is that Apple Pay automatically completes the payment with the Visa part. This can potentially lead to a larger surcharge payment for the retailer.

Usability above all

From the consumer’s point of view, mobile payments can be a confusing and inconsistent payment experience with numerous solutions and different restrictions on the type of bank and payment method. The conclusion is, however, that mobile payments are a bigger part of the day-to-day payments concurrently with the technological evolution and improved usability. The question that still remains is whether or not all current mobile payment methods will make the cut in the long run. Is it necessary to accept all types of mobile payment methods? That will be up to the consumers to decide.

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