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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

By 22. January 2020September 2nd, 2021No Comments

Once again it is time for Valentine’s Day on February 14. We will take a closer look at the promotion options and how retailers get ready for the romantic day.

Promotion starts early

Florist’s shops are the ones who benefit the most from Valentine’s Day, followed by chocolates, greeting cards, evening out, and jewellery. Last year, Interflora announced that in 2019 they had another record sales growth of 11% on Valentine’s Day and have seen 73% of growth since 2013. Already now, florist’s shops are ready with Valentine’s Day bouquets and companies that have started advertising Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her. Therefore, advertising starts early – a trend we have seen in recent years. Big international retailers like Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret and Tesco have also started their promotion efforts in mid-January.

Valentine’s Day promotion has started at Interflora.

Focus on mobile platforms

Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers are using their mobile devices to share their love on the go. Last year, 37% of consumers used smartphones to buy gifts, while 45% used tablets. More than a third used them to research products, prices, and information about retailers. They also redeemed discount coupons and purchased products with their device. It is therefore essential to optimize web stores for all mobile platforms.

Engage in a unique and temporary partnership

Create a campaign for Valentine’s Day by partnering with another company. It was a successful strategy for Starbucks, which a few years ago, partnered up with the US online dating service, to create “the world’s largest Starbucks date” on February 13. discovered that 3 million of its users described themselves with coffee-related words, and Starbucks wanted to push the idea of meeting for coffee as a perfect first date. placed a ‘Meet at Starbucks’ button on their website, making the signup section an easy “one-click process”. Starbucks offered a day of special menus, romantic music and photo props for Instagram posts by their tables.

The “Meet at Starbucks” button on the front page of made it easy and accessible for users to participate.

Targeted gift ideas

Email marketing is a great tool for direct communication with your customers. Create a tempting email campaign that highlights what your customers can expect. Give them a sneak peek of what you offer. Another great way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day and email marketing is to show your customers how much you value them. Send them a personalized offer that makes them feel special and appreciated. E.g. a discount coupon is a great way to encourage your customers to make more purchases. In addition, to make it easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for on your site, you can divide relevant products into categories, including “Gifts to her” and “gifts to him”.

In general, web stores use “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” a lot when Valentine’s Day is approaching, to inspire customers and make it easier for them to decide on their gift-shopping. For both brick-and-mortar stores as well as web stores, Facebook and Instagram are adequate channels to visualize gift ideas in an inspiring way. As the young generation is eager to celebrate Valentine’s, social media channels are obvious to utilize right up to February 14.

Reward your customers

Since giving gifts is a central part of Valentine’s you can join in by offering something you typically do not offer. Free shipping in the weeks or days before Valentine’s Day could be an option. Research shows that the 4 largest competition parameters for web stores are within the delivery. Free shipping or express delivery one week prior could, therefore, be an idea. Gift wrapping could be another thing you can offer customers, and if you have a Magento web store, this can easily be implemented in the checkout phase. Discounts on products is also a possibility that can help drive sales.

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