Expand your business with effective B2B E-commerce

Sell more with a strong B2B e-commerce website based on the B2B Magento module. As a bonus you save time on everything from creating customer accounts to sending invoices.

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    Differentiated discounts and products

    Control which products and discounts specific customers see


    Help your customers help themselves

    Customers get access to reports that are relevant to them


    Create accounts directly from the B2B website

    Customer accounts can be created during first meetings


    Be in control of payment and delivery address

    Make sure that you deliver orders and invoices to the right addresses


    Automation improves the order flow

    Avoid using multiple systems for receiving orders.

Differentiated product display

Manage which products you want on display to specific customers or customer groups. Choose which manufacturers or products are shown and manage multiple businesses on the same site. For instance, you can sell safety shoes to one company and sell running shoes to another. Each customer only sees exactly the products that are relevant.

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Visible discounts for specific customers

Manage the discounts that your B2B e-commerce store offers specific customers or customer groups. The discounts are shown when the customers are logged in. If you have few but large-volume customers, you can manage the prices for each customer. If you have many but small-volume customers you can control the prices for specific customer groups.

Help your customers help themselves

In the account section, users can view the reports from Business Central that you wish to be accessible for them. You can enable users to download copies of invoices and credit memos or custom-designed reports. Your customers can themselves find the information they need and not having to answer various requests from existing customers can save you a lot of time.

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Manage payment and delivery

You define payment addresses and delivery locations on the user level. This makes sure that you deliver the orders to the correct address e.g. if the customer has several locations. Then the system can send invoices to the specific address requested by the customer. In this way, you do not have to worry about sending invoices to the wrong addresses.


Create accounts on the B2B website

Already during the first meeting with a potential customer, you can create the customer’s account directly in the B2B platform. This ensures that all data is correct from day one. Additionally, potential customers can create their own accounts for you to be able to contact them. When the prospect turns into a customer, the account is already in your system.

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Automation makes order flow efficient

Business Central manages the order process in your online store. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, the online store automatically transfers the order to Business Central. The result is that you avoid using different systems and receiving orders via mail or phone. Also, you don’t have to spend time typing in orders manually. Essentially, it saves you a lot of time.

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B2B e-commerce platform with B2C features

The B2B online store is built on top of the B2C online store, NP Ecommerce. This means that it benefits from a multitude of B2C standard features in addition to the specific B2B features.

  • You avoid duplicated work and errors since the daily processes are automated and all data synchronizes between Business Central and your online store, and
  • You can always be certain that the website displays the correct and updated inventory.

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