Are you ready for Black Friday?

November 16, 2015
Red-haired woman with many shopping bags

Black Friday is getting close and in the US last year, consumers spent over $50 billion on this popular day. This year Black Friday will be November 27.

Red-haired woman with many shopping bags

Black Friday kicks off this year on November 27. The spending in the US for Black Friday was $50 billion, and there is not much indicating that the spending will decrease significantly.

Retailers will look forward to this busy day, with many shoppers looking for the best offers online and offline.

The day is considered the start of the Christmas trade and in our last post, we gave three simple tips to prepare for the holidays. In this post, we will recommend supplementary methods to get the best out of Black Friday.

Get people excited

Create hype early on to build up expectation. Use social media sites to build awareness and inform when your discounts start. On your online store, you can start a countdown on the products to show how long the discount will last. In this way, you encourage customers to shop and it is a good way of visualizing how long customers can buy the specific products on discount. A landing page with a countdown to the start of Black Friday can also be a good way to prepare the customer for the sale to kick off.

Communicate early that your online store or physical store is ready to cater the customers and continue to advertise before the day. Besides communicating about Black Friday on social media, the brick and mortar stores can use their windows to build awareness.

Be prepared for increased traffic

A lot of traffic will occur both offline as online, so you need to be prepared in order to meet the demand. Online stores will experience increased traffic and a big advantage is to have a clear understanding of the online store’s ability to handle a large amount of traffic on the day. The brick and mortar stores can be obliged to have more staff working in order to meet the huge amount of shoppers and to answer many questions from customers doing the day.

Use Mobile Point of Sale

To get as many transactions as possible, a good idea could be to empower your staff with mobile devices that can check customers out. The queue will be reduced and sales will increase as you can check more customers out faster.

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What about the following days?

On Black Friday there are so many offers from so many different stores, so if you want to make sure the consumers notice you, you can spread the deals.

Stores and online stores will be very busy when Black Friday starts. According to, the US experienced a spending on Black Friday 2014 for over $50 billion. Take advantage of that by letting a few of your offers last a couple of days more. There is a good chance that your online store or physical store has goods in stock that are sold out elsewhere.

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