Business Central developer in Mauritius

My name is Mathias Hansen. As occupation, I work as Business Central-development consultant for NaviPartner. The content of the work I do is evenly divided between customer-specific adaptations and core development of NaviPartner products.

Versatile work routines in a dynamic business

My job allows me to work a bit as a hybrid, so even though the emphasis of my job routines are on Business Central development, I, among other things, get consulting, architecture, project management and support tasks as well. In addition, I help with the training of my fellow Mauritian colleagues, who are very intelligent and willing to learn. Further, I also discuss and debate with colleagues about products, processes and strategies. I work in a dynamic business where the individual is heard and has an impact.

Mauritius’ tropical climate, friendly people and beautiful scenery drew me to the island

As an employee at NaviPartner in Denmark, I was fortunate to go on two shorter stays to the office in the South, which we call the Mauritian Department. The tropical climate, the friendly people and the beautiful scenery started a line of thoughts about moving to Mauritius more permanently, so after a lot of thinking time in Denmark, I finally decided to take the step and applied to be transferred to NaviPartner Mauritius.

I figured that my job function would not change much after transferring to Mauritius, and I was right, so I still have customer contact and a tight association with the office in the North ie. Denmark. Especially in connection with new inventions.

The time difference is an advantage

With Lync, IP telephony and network meetings, I find that the distance between Denmark and Mauritius is minor, and the biggest difference compared to working in Denmark is the time difference, as Mauritius is a few hours ahead. As a developer, I find it very nice to have “undisturbed” mornings where I am allowed to deploy adjustments instead of doing it in the evenings, as was the case when I worked in Denmark.

Friendly and welcoming people of Mauritius

Mauritius has a different set of cultural values than we do in Denmark. The inhabitants are a wonderful fusion of among others African, Indian, Chinese and French people. For example, it is a tradition to say hello with a firm hand shake in the morning to everyone in the office, and it is not unusual to be asked “how are you?” by several colleagues on your ‘good morning’ tour. It’s really exciting to experience and surprisingly enough, my Danish humor and irony is well understood, so it is really cozy when we enjoy our Friday afternoon beer.

My spare time is spent on, among other things, exercising on Tuesdays in the local fitness club, Wednesdays on football with colleagues, Fridays beer and hiking on Saturday mornings in the nearby National Park, as well as a tour to the city once in a while.

The time I have spent in Mauritius so far, has given me an opportunity to meet so many really nice people, who surprise me by truly being grounded and at peace with themselves and very good at including everyone. Before I left Denmark, one of my concerns was that I did not know anyone. But, a concern to no avail, I have now experienced that my social network has been established more or less by itself, and I’m glad to have met so many very nice people, who I also enjoy hanging out with privately.

First class and Daily Luxuries

I am a bit of a connoisseur, so I think it’s great with a pool and sea view from my apartment. I also have a nice maid, who does not get angry when I mess up my kitchen without cleaning up. Those are examples of everyday luxuries on first class, which I would never be able to afford and experience in Denmark.

The only downside: In the physical world there is a long way home to Denmark

There is approximately 9.500 km between Mauritius and Denmark, so I rarely get to see my Danish friends and family. My intention is to go to Denmark twice a year, but, in fact, it is hard for me to leave my everyday-life in order to go to Denmark.

No fixed return date

I have decided to go back to Denmark, when I no longer think it’s great to stay here. But, so far I don’t see an end to my stay in Mauritius.