Get close to customers with Mobile Point of Sale

November 2, 2015
Finger tabbing on tablet

Mobile POS solutions (mPOS) creates flexibility for the store staff and makes it possible to be close to customers throughout the buying process.

Finger tabbing on tablet

Free your staff from the counter

At this year’s World Retail Congress, MasterCard presented a research showing consumers demands a new and improved shopping experience. The research points out that consumers want consumer-friendly solutions tailor-made for a life on the move. Those wishes can be fulfilled with the right mPOS solution.

A mPOS solution creates flexibility for the customers and the store employees. Staff can assist customers from the moment they enter the store and checkout can be made everywhere inside the store.

Improved personal service

Urban Outfitters has tested mPOS in various stores. One of the elements the apparel chain found interesting was the possibility to access the stock with mobile devices. If the store did not have a specific size or color in stock that the customer wanted, the staff could quickly via the mobile device, tell the customer where the closest Urban Outfitters store with the product in stock is located.

If you do not have a certain product in stock, then you can order the product from the mobile device and deliver it directly to the customer’s home address. This creates better personal service for the customer when visiting the brick and mortar stores. The staff will have all the tools to be personal shoppers.

mPOS can increase sales and customer satisfaction

Store staff can with a tablet or smartphone handle all transactions everywhere inside the store. The customer does not need to worry about waiting in a long queue at the counter. Mobile POS solutions make it possible to increase sales since the store staff have the opportunity to be by the customer’s side throughout the whole process, and have a payment facility at hand as soon as the customer decides to make a purchase.

Besides preventing potential loss of sales, the personal service and shortened checkout, the process provides an increased customer satisfaction. A research conducted by Omnico Group in 2014 shows that more than 77 percent of the respondents was less likely to return to a store if they experienced long waiting times at the checkout. Therefore, it can be interesting for the stores to consider if a mPOS solution can supplement the traditional cash register and give customers that extra value that makes them return more frequently to the store in the future.