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Retail and e-business

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Spejder Sport

“We chose NaviPartner, because it gave us the opportunity to simplify and streamline our IT in the cloud. It gave us a platform from which we can realize our growth ambitions. We’re now more at ease with the IT operations and feel that we’re on a platform that’s ready for the future.”

Indeks Retail

“Apart from rolling out more than 100 stores, we acquired another bookstore chain. It was intense. It would not have been possible to convert another 16 stores in just a few weeks if we did not have a thoroughly tested solution or a great collaboration with NaviPartner.”

Sport 24

“It is important to have a partner who is able to understand our business and develop it further. Together with NaviPartner, we have developed a wide range of functionalities since we started working together, and every one of those initiatives has been profitable for our business.”


“It all works fantastically well – as retailers we always focus on ROI, and with the warehouse precision we achieve, the RFID solution pays off in a short time after it has been implemented in a store.”

WAM Denim

“Thanks to the RFID technology, we know where all our products are – even though we have well over 1,000,000 items. It gives us a unique insight into every nook and cranny of the business and has created the visibility and customer experience we wanted.”

Japan Photo Norway

“It is a huge advantage for us that we only have one supplier and only have to work in one system. Additionally, through the years we have requested a large number of adaptions and custom-designed solutions. This means that we have a system tailor-made for our specific needs.”

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