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Sport 24

“It is important to have a partner who is able to understand our business and develop it further. Together with NaviPartner, we have developed a wide range of functionalities since we started working together, and every one of those initiatives has been profitable for our business.”

Golf Experten

“NaviPartner’s standard solution is fantastic. We have a quite high volume on our online store and that makes it important for us that all systems are working together nicely. NaviPartner’s solution delivers exactly that, and you can feel that they are highly professional.”

Indeks Retail

“Apart from rolling out more than 100 stores, we acquired another bookstore chain. It was intense. It would not have been possible to convert another 16 stores in just a few weeks if we did not have a thoroughly tested solution or a great collaboration with NaviPartner.”


“NaviPartner has been able to make a complicated system simple and straightforward. Right from the start, I could see how their system could profit our business and optimize our activities. In addition, I trusted their employees – they had all the competencies needed.”

Erik Sørensen Vin

“Our new solution is way better than the old one. When we change something here at the desk, it only takes 5 to 10 seconds to register in the web store. Previously, we had to do changes manually. It is vital for us that everything happens automatically and in a reliable manner.”

Japan Photo Norway

“It is a huge advantage for us that we only have one supplier and only have to work in one system. Additionally, through the years we have requested a large number of adaptions and custom-designed solutions. This means that we have a system tailor-made for our specific needs.”

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Retail and e-business

Museums and attractions