Erik Sørensen Vin: Chain of Wine Stores

Since 2008, the chain of wine stores, Erik Sørensen Vin, has used a POS solution from NaviPartner. When they were to select a new web store solution, they chose NaviPartner as their supplier. They thought that NaviPartner presented the most field-proven, professional and flexible solution.

Web store integrated to Dynamics NAV

Erik Sørensen Vin had an existing special-designed web store from 2004, where standard solutions were non-existent. Every time they needed to develop a new function, they had to pay a developer to develop the functions from scratch. When the time came for Erik Sørensen Vin to find a new solution, three offers from suppliers were obtained. They chose NaviPartner’s solution:

“It was of high importance that the new solution had an integration to our existing Navision ERP-system. In addition, we had a number of specific wishes and we wanted to use our own designer. The best offer we received was from NaviPartner, a very professional and well-researched offer and at the same time, they were extremely flexible. We also knew from experience that they were a good collaborative partner”, states IT manager Henrik F. Jensen from Erik Sørensen Vin.

Wine bottles and green grapes

“NaviPartner’s expertise when it comes to integration of our systems is very sophisticated. Their project managers are extremely competent and dynamic and their technical knowledge makes them professional advisors. They are not only a coordinating connector as in many other web agencies.”

– Henrik F. Jensen, IT manager, Erik Sørensen Vin

Wine bottles on shelf

Solid and reliable integration

Even though the previous web store solution had integration to the store’s entire stock, the previous solution did not match the solution provided by NaviPartner. The exchange of information and the performance of the system were in a league of its own:

“Our new solution is way better than the old one. When we change something here at the desk, it only takes 5 to 10 seconds to register in the web store. Previously, we had to do changes manually and it could take 10 to 30 minutes before the changes appeared on the web store. We also had to check afterwards if everything was correct and in order. It is vital for us that everything happens automatically and in a reliable manner.”

Proper expertise

I really believe that it is of vital importance for us that our web store operates smoothly and seamless with our stock. We used Navision already and we must say that NaviPartner has just the right expertise regarding integration between the web store and our ERP system.

Highly qualified project managers

It is not my first time designing a web store and from my experience, NaviPartner’s project managers are highly qualified. They are quick on the draw and their technical knowledge results in flexible and efficient processes. For us, it is a perfect partnership.

Advanced functionality

Our starting point is NaviPartner’s standard solution Magento, but we also had special requirements. Among other things, we requested a solution that could integrate reviews and ratings of our products from external sites. NaviPartner custom-designed this functionality without difficulty and without it being an extra expense.

Everything under the same roof

It is a significant advantage for me to have only one partner in the whole process. Previously, our web agency had no competencies regarding our stock control system. When we needed integrations to our stock control system we had to hire consultants from other companies. NaviPartner has all the competencies required, and they are all located under the same roof.

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