Golf Experten: Retailer specializing in Golf Equipment

It all started with a POS system and since then, NaviPartner and Golf Experten has had a long and close partnership. Most recently, a customer loyalty program has been added to their business intelligence tool.

Omnichannel with six stores and eCommerce

The partnership between Golf Experten and NaviPartner dates back to 2006. A new store was about to open in the Tilst area near Aarhus and Golf Experten were at the same time looking to change their old C5 POS solution. Today, Golf Experten has six stores and has expanded with an online store:

“The standard Retail solution has worked brilliantly for us. The solution has all the modules we need, the integration into our stock, finances, and online store works perfectly. The different systems are working together in a very effective manner and it makes our daily work processes a lot easier”, explains Kim Johansen, Chief Executive at Golf Experten.

“NaviPartner’s standard solution is fantastic. We have a quite high volume on our online store and that makes it important for us that all systems are working together nicely. NaviPartner’s solution delivers exactly that, and you can feel that they are highly professional.”

– Kim Johansen, Chief Executive, Golf Experten

Expectation of increased sales with strong BI tool

Recently, Golf Experten, together with NaviPartner, has incorporated a third-party business intelligence tool from Obiss in Dynamics NAV. Together the two partners have spent the last year refining the solution, which is now ready to be put in use. Kim Johansen has high expectations:

“It is an extremely powerful tool and I have high expectations. When implemented in all our stores, I definitely think it can boost our business. To be specific, we believe it can increase our sales by 10-15%.”

Close partnership

Our new investment is a business intelligence tool from Obiss integrated with Dynamics NAV. NaviPartner has worked together with Obiss in order to develop the integration and implement it afterwards. The fact that it has been possible for all of us to work closely together has been great and with the result that we have received a solution perfect for our needs.

Registration of all transactions

With our new integrated tool, all of our cash transactions are registered on the customer’s account via the customer’s phone number. This means that we collect a large amount of customer data even when customers are paying with cash. We expect that 80% of all transactions are going to be attached to a customer account.

Tailor-made campaigns

We know a lot more about our customers today since we can analyze their preferences and consumption patterns. We can use the data to send out targeted campaigns for chosen customer segments. It is not only an advantage for us, but also for our customers.

Customer loyalty

We want to increase customer loyalty and ensure that they return to our stores. We can build loyalty by rewarding customers with bonuses as we know their purchasing history. We can also provide them with an extra service such as a three-month warranty period extension, and we can save all receipts in our system if our customers lose theirs.

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