Guldbrandsen: Jewellery Store

When Maria Guldbrandsen took over the jeweler store in Amager Center, she had to decide on quite a few things. However, when it came to choosing the right POS-solution the decision was easy.

No more manual bookkeeping

“The most important reason why I chose NaviPartner’s solution was that it saves me a lot of hours work when it comes to bookkeeping. When we enter the barcodes on the products we sell, price and product code is registered in our financial management system immediately”, says Maria Guldbrandsen.

The financial management system is in Dynamics NAV, Microsoft’s ERP-system, and the cash registers are touch screens with built-in hard disc, supplemented by fast credit card terminals. That is of high importance for Maria Guldbrandsen:
“We serve customers very quickly. Often we are very busy and it is a clear advantage for us that our customers do not have to wait in line due to slow service.”

Box with rings

Try out NaviPartner’s POS solution with Dynamics NAV

Customer served in a jewelry store with POS

No IT-problems

The financial management system is hosted in NaviPartner’s operations center, and the store only needs internet connection to log on. This means that Maria Guldbrandsen does not have to worry about maintenance and that is much appreciated:

“We do not have to think about all the technological hassle. We avoid worrying about the maintenance of the network and the server and everything related to backup. It all runs smoothly. In addition, we can always contact NaviPartner’s support. They have opening hours at the same times as us and on Sundays. If we have problems, they can remotely access our screens and correct errors without sending someone out to help us. The vast majority of the problems is corrected in that manner.

Picture of Maria Guldbrandsen

“NaviPartner has provided me with a highly effective POS solution. I spare a lot of hours work and I can use that time to develop my business further. For instance, I am considering expanding my business with a web shop.”

– Maria Guldbrandsen, Owner of Guldbrandsen

Integrated solution

Manual bookkeeping is no longer an issue for Guldbrandsen since the POS solution and financial management system is integrated in one database. The registration of a sold product happens straight away in the financial management system.

Additional sales and reorders

The system registers all transactions so if a customer has a receipt or has a registered loyalty card, it is easy to find the data and reorder that given product or even find related products.

Unique product codes

All products in the system has product codes specifically for Guldbranden’s store. In this way, customers are not able to find a product in Guldbrandsen and then visit another store to purchase that specific product.

International customers

It is easy and simple to serve international customers with the system from NaviPartner since we have received a Denmark Tax Free Refund integration. Our cash dispenser identifies international credit cards automatically and calculates the customer’s Tax Free amount as well as printing the Tax Free receipt.

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