Indeks Retail

It was essential for Indeks Retail to gain a POS solution that could optimize the business processes as well as utilizing an effective store rollout concept. The stores now have the latest, thoroughly tested technology that makes them far more independent.

Retail chain in technological dead end

Indeks Retail is a retail chain for bookstores Bog & idé and BOGhandleren as well as toy store, Legekæden – a total of 140 stores in Denmark. The retail chain was facing some IT challenges that needed to be fixed.

“Technologically, we had ended up in a dead end. We have had our own developers customize the solution for years, so we could not upgrade anything at all by default,” says CIO, Finn Pedersen. Therefore, Indeks Retail chose NaviPartner as a supplier of a new ERP system and POS solution with continuous updates to ensure that the stores keep streamlining their businesses – also in the time to come.

Streamlining checkout and operations

Indeks Retail thought it was important that the stores could get the right tools to optimize their business processes. With NP Retail, the stores utilize the latest, thoroughly tested technology in order for them to continue streamlining their processes and thereby create a better shopping experience for their customers.

“More specifically, the staff spends less time at the checkout and less time on collecting items. Our old solution was more centralized where Indeks Retail controlled and managed things. With our new solution it has become a far more democratic process where the stores get to choose the features from new releases” says Finn Pedersen.

Finn from Indeks Retail

“Apart from rolling out more than 100 stores in a short period of time during a corona pandemic, we acquired another bookstore chain, Arnold Busck. It was intense. It would not have been possible to convert another 16 stores to the new system in just a few weeks if we did not have a thoroughly tested solution or a great collaboration with NaviPartner.”

– Finn Pedersen, CIO, Indeks Retail.

Four benefits according to Indeks Retail

Strong retail chain solution

As a retail chain with three different brands, it is important that the solution easily supports the setup of the stores. According to Finn, they now have greater flexibility in configuring the system with their own logos and addresses, which were previously managed centrally. Now the stores can fix things themselves in collaboration with NaviPartner.

Data-driven decisions

With greater insight into store performance, Indeks Retail can to a greater extent act as a mentoring partner for the individual stores. The solution allows them to extract the necessary figures, consolidate them, and gain insight into what is happening across the country and stores. “We use facts instead of hunches” as Finn describes it.

Great support

Previously, Indeks Retail was responsible for the IT support, where they had allocated staff to solve IT problems for the stores. However, they could not maintain the level of support that was requested. The NP Retail solution includes access to NaviPartner’s 24/7 Support Center, where stores can quickly get help and guidance.

Operational stability

Indeks Retails chain stores have gained greater operational stability. In the past, they were experiencing system outages. According to Finn Pedersen, the stores now use an IT solution they can trust and which contains the tool they need to streamline their business processes. It allows them to be more independent than before.

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