Japan Photo Norway: Photo stores

The result of a long-term and close partnership between Japan Photo in Norway and NaviPartner has been a wide range of custom-developed solutions based on industry knowledge and Dynamics NAV expertise.

Photo stores and online stores

Japan Photo in Norway uses Dynamics NAV as their financial and inventory management system, NP Retail as a POS solution in stores in Scandinavia and NP Ecommerce for their online store solutions. The partnership began in 2004 and since then, NaviPartner has been responsible for implementing and managing the systems for Japan Photo.

“From an administration perspective, it is a huge advantage for us that we only have one supplier and only have to work in one system. Additionally, through the years we have requested a large number of adaptions and custom-designed solutions for our store. This means, that besides the well-functioning standard solution we also have a system tailor-made for our specific needs”, explains Eric Spydevold, E-Commerce & IT Manager at Japan Photo Holding Norge A/S.

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“Dynamics NAV is the engine of our business. It runs our finances and controls our inventory and it is an indispensable part of our business since it handles all our POS solutions and a series of service and customer related tasks as well.”

– Eric Spydevold, E-commerce & IT Manager, Japan Photo Holding Norge A/S.

Many years of partnership between Japan Photo and NaviPartner

It has been a long journey for Japan Photo and NaviPartner. According to Eric Spydevold, smooth processes and the strong solutions is due to the long-standing partnership between the companies:

“We have worked closely together for many years now and NaviPartner’s knowledge about our business is a big advantage. They know our challenges and understand our needs. That simplifies the implementation of new solutions and adaptions. It also means that NaviPartner is proactive on our behalf and is not afraid to suggest improvements and new profitable initiatives for us to implement.

Shared card index

Our daily collaboration with NaviPartner works well. We have a shared card index we use to report tasks and potential issues and all our communication are gathered one place. It is a big advantage that everyone can get updates and that we have a clear overview at all times regarding the ongoing tasks.

Custom made photo module

We have received a specially developed module we use when we scan a photo order. The module ensures automatic flow from the time we receive the order from our labs and until the registration in Dynamics NAV takes place. The customer receives a SMS when the order is ready for pick-up.

Service module

We have received a module for our daily handling of service tasks like repairs. Here, we can register tasks, customer and warranty information, and continuously report and follow the status on the tasks. We have a complete view of all our tasks and data.

Photo course module

People can sign up for courses through a custom-made module for Dynamics NAV. We offer many different kinds of courses and people can sign up in-store or through an integration on our website. The system is always up to date and displays how many vacant seats are left.

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