Juvelgruppen: Jewellery stores

The first supplier delivered an insufficient solution to Juvelgruppen, and they realized they needed a field-proven professional system and a reliable partner that could help them grow their business.

Jewellery stores

In 2015, Juvelgruppen took over Guldsteen and Fredberg in Denmark. Both stores also had a web store. Juvelgruppen’s initial partnership with another supplier turned out to be unsuccessful. The solution was not fully developed and lacked basic functionalities.

“At the eleventh hour, we realized we had selected the wrong partner. We needed a more professional setup and a more reliable partner that could help us grow our business. We had heard about NaviPartner being the best supplier in the country when it comes to integrations to Dynamics NAV. So, we changed course and NaviPartner implemented its solution 14 days after our initial contact”, states Mathias Them Kjær, Financial Manager at Juvelgruppen.

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Everything in one integrated solution

First, Juvelgruppen purchased the point of sale solution, NP Retail, for the jewellery store Guldsteen. NP Retail was later implemented in the Fredberg store. In December 2015, they chose to transfer their existing web store solution to NP Ecommerce. The advantages are easy to identify if you ask Mathias Them Kjær:

“All systems are compatible. Our inventory and our ERP-solution Dynamics NAV are fully integrated. Besides financial management and stock control, we now also have e-mails and the hosting of our websites all together in Microsoft with the help from NaviPartner. It is a huge administrative and economic advantage that we have a complete solution and we do not have to worry about working in more than one system.“

“I have experience in accounting and I know firsthand about the challenges when working in different systems. I was looking for a partner who had an all-in-one solution and NaviPartner’s integrated products was exactly what we was looking for.”

– Mathias Them Kjær, Financial Manager, Juvelgruppen

Cost savings on bookkeeping

We have experienced large cost savings regarding bookkeeping since we no longer have to run registrations in different systems. Previously we had to register all incoming invoices manually in four different systems. Now it is an automatic process and we only have to handle an invoice one or two times. Before we had one full-time employee for every store and now we only have me on part-time.

Future-proof solution

In the future, we see NaviPartner as a partner who can deliver systems to help our business grow. When you purchase systems that are so crucial when running your business like ERP-systems are, it is vital to make the right decision. We have ambitious goals and good growth rates and for us, it is important our IT systems are scalable if we experience even higher growth.

Reliable partner

We also chose NaviPartner because we needed a long-term partnership with a partner that also exists in five years from now. Previously we experimented with a solution that was not tested thoroughly and we will definitely not do that again. Microsoft and NaviPartner proved to be the safe choice.

Beneficial add-ons

Besides the scalable options in our solution, I also see the wide range of add-ons as a big advantage. If we at some point have different needs we can purchase supplementary products such as business intelligence and CRM. We are still a young company but in the long term, we definitely will use some of these add-on tools.

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