Køkken&Hjem: Domestic Appliances Stores

When Jørgen Brandt looked for a combined POS solution and financial management system for his new store concept, Køkken&Hjem, previous experiences and a convincing first impression was the explanation for how it all went off without a hitch.

Chain of shops with four branches

Today, Køkken&Hjem consists of a chain of four stores located in shopping centers in Denmark. When the first store was about to open, Jørgen Brandt started to research the systems on the market. He talked to several suppliers but was never in doubt when he decided to go with NaviPartner’s system:

“NaviPartner has been able to make a complicated system very simple and straightforward. Right from the start, I could see how their system could profit our business and optimize our activities. In addition to that, I trusted their employees instinctively. Whenever I interacted with them, I felt they had all the competencies needed, and we were always on the same page”, explains Jørgen Brandt, Køkken&Hjem.

“It is very clear that NaviPartner put customers first. They have developed these systems based on our specific needs. At first, I was sceptical and nervous that we would receive extra bills because of numerous adaptions, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.”

– Jørgen Brandt, Køkken&Hjem

Several simultaneous expeditions

Køkken&Hjem uses Dynamics NAV and NP Retail to control finances, stock and when processing payments. When the cash register was about to be implemented, Jørgen Brandt was taken by surprise when NaviPartner recommended only buying one cash register:

“I was surprised that NaviPartner recommended us to only have one cash register in each store. However, it all makes sense considering the option to save transactions. If a sales assistant is interrupted when serving a customer, we can just save the receipt and another sales assistant can take use of the screen. Afterwards, we can return to the service of the customer with just one click. This means, that several people can work around that one register without any delays. With all that being said, we have just invested in one new cash register in every store because of the upcoming Christmas trade, but we consider that a positive development.

Stock control

It is easy to see what is in stock in the other stores. If we have a product that is out of stock, and it is urgent, we can exchange that product through our other stores. It is very simple to transfer one product from one stock to another.

Plug & Play

It is a huge advantage that the standard system NP Retail is fully developed to retail and the series of extra modules prevents the development of special adaptions in order to get started with the solution. It is totally plug and play right from the start.

User friendly

The POS-solution is very user-friendly. For us, this means that we can have all eyes on customers and increasing revenue. For us, it is vital, that the customer leaves the store with a good impression and it is of great importance that the transaction at the cash register is done in smooth fashion.

Gift vouchers and discount codes

When we from time to another run a time-limited campaign in the system, we can easily adjust to a lower price in a period of 14 days. When we issue a gift voucher, it is just a receipt that needs to be scanned, and the system will take care of the rest.

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