A mobile POS system will become a crucial tool for retailers

Politikens Boghal: Book Store

Closer connection with the customers

For several years now, Apple Store customers have been able to seek advice and buy their product from a clerk on the shop floor, and leave with a receipt mailed to their inbox. It creates a different ambiance, when the clerk stays with the customer on the shop floor instead of running off to seek information or accept payment.

”It becomes easier to read customer, the more time you have together – what kind of person is it, what kind of interests and reading preferences? You are much better equipped to give personalised advice and recommendations, and generate more sales,” Christina Thiemer explains.

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Greater flexibility and job satisfaction

The mobile POS system offers a more flexible staffing situation, which is essential during peak hours. “We can activate a POS per employee and rotate staff between the mobile and the stationary POS. This means that we can spend extra time with the customer, without compromising the queue at the checkout”, says Christina Thiemer.

It also offers new opportunities for retailers to take their business on the road. “Previously when we went to book fairs, we had to write down what we sold, so it could be registered and posted afterwards. Now all of this happens immediately. I can see how this mobile system can revolutionize the retail industry. You will be able to easily create a pop-up shop whenever you need it”, concludes Christina Thiemer.

Customer case Politikens Bookstore Christina Thiemer

“To battle online shopping, we have to provide an extraordinary shopping experience. The mobile POS system brings us closer to the customer.”

– Christina Thiemer, Store Manager, Politikens Boghal

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