Spejder Sport have lightened the weight of their backpack by unifying all business critical IT.

Is it possible to release business potential by uniting physical and digital platforms? Yes, it’s all about being prepared. Spejder Sport and NaviPartner have created a fully integrated platform with ERP, POS, WMS, and ecommerce unified in one IT solution, so the physical stores, web stores, and customer club are now all equipped for new adventures.

Rising demand and a challenged web store

Spejder Sport is Denmark’s largest chain of outdoor stores – or as they like to say; Denmark’s largest supplier of equipment for adventures. The Danish Scout Council opened the first store in 1945, which sold uniforms and tents as the primary items. Today, 21 physical stores and a Danish and Swedish web store later, the chain has most certainly fulfilled its mission of creating long-term financial return for the Danish Scout Council.

In line with the scouts’ motto ‘Be prepared’, Spejder Sport wanted to be one step ahead. With rising demand and pressure on their web store, they went on a hunt for better and more stable systems for the chain’s web store and warehouse management. Despite impressive progress, it was challenging to drive growth and turnover in physical stores. This is why unified commerce was one of the most important criteria when Spejder Sport started looking for a new IT vendor.

Unified commerce was a must-have

Even though a web store is a crucial part of a customer journey, the magic happens in the interaction between web stores and onsite stores.

NaviPartner’s unified commerce solution was named the winner, because of its ability to constantly show updated information of available goods across the chain’s warehouses and stores, both onsite and online. This activation of the goods across locations and platforms ensures that the customers won’t be disappointed when choosing click & collect.

It also ensures that the customers get the same, great experience regardless of their choice of purchasing platform – digital or physical. With the re-implemented WMS, the store employees can focus on delivering a great customer experience and let the system’s rules for automatic replenishment take care of the warehouse management.

John Lange, CEO at Spejder Sport

“We chose NaviPartner, because it gave us the opportunity to simplify and streamline our IT in the cloud. It gave us a platform from which we can realize our growth ambitions. With NaviPartner as a single point of contact for support on both Retail, ERP, and eCommerce, it’s been easier for Spejder Sport to handle operational support and the ongoing development of the systems. We’re now more at ease with the IT operations and feel that we’re on a platform that’s ready for the future.”

– John Lange, CEO, Spejder Sport.

Customized solutions for warehouse and purchasing

Spejder Sport had a list of specific wishes for the system and we have managed to fulfill and finetune these in collaboration.

One example was to re-implement a unique picking system in their WMS solution that is customized to the chain’s employees, products and warehouses. So every morning – based on the orders and the employees that have come to work that day – the system calculates the smartest and most efficient way to pick the goods from the shelves.

Spejder Sport’s purchasing department has also been looked after. The new solution has been integrated with a system that delivers purchasing suggestions for future orders based on historical data. As an example, the intelligent algorithm can help estimate how much rain wear is likely sold in September or how many hiking boots in May, which ultimately helps optimize the stock and minimize waste.

Loyalty benefits

Loyalty is crucial to Spejder Sport. You would almost assume so when you’re talking about a business that was born out of the scout spirit.

Through a customer club, the loyalty solution supports Spejder Sport’s commitment to the scouts, but also the everyday consumer. The purpose of the customer club is to extend the loyalty for the everyday consumers by offering a benefits program with 365 returns, promotion codes, and the ‘exchange to a new concept, where members can exchange their worn-out hiking boots and get a discount on new ones.

Furthermore, the B2B solution supports the ambition of establishing loyalty at the local unions, institutions, and companies. The system makes it possible to send digital invoices, activate differentiated discounts, and offer click & collect to business customers.

“The collaboration between Spejder Sport and NaviPartner is truly a story about a great match in terms of needs and competencies. We can’t wait for the journey ahead – especially now that Spejder Sport is also equipped for new digital adventures in the future.”

– Mark Stewart Pedersen, CEO, NaviPartner.

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