The Øresund Aquarium

For the Øresund Aquarium, it was important to streamline the ticketing system and ease the workflows for the employees. NP Entertainment facilitates the good experience and professional setup that the aquarium wanted.

Small aquarium with big ambitions

The Øresund Aquarium is a smaller attraction of 130 sqm with about 45,000 visitors annually. Despite its relatively small size, the attraction has a high level of ambition.

With families and school visits as their primary target audience, they needed a system that could handle tickets and all kinds of payments. At the same time, they wanted to combine their activities from ticket sales, store sales, and annual passes into one integrated solution.

”The ticketing solution we had before was ancient. The process of issuing tickets and annual passes is much faster now. In the past, we spent 15 minutes making an annual pass. Now, we do it in 15 seconds, so it has been really nice to get,“ says Aquarium and Museum Director, Jens P. Jeppesen.

The Øresund Aquarium Ticketing system
Jens P. Jeppesen Museums Director The Øresund Aquarium

“The ticketing system and how we welcome our visitors are top-notch. With the ticketing system, ticket printers, and annual card machines we have reached the level of professionalism that we were looking for. Our visitors now get a fast, smooth ticketing experience that can hardly get any better. It just works.”

– Jens P. Jeppesen, Aquarium and Museum Director, The Øresund Aquarium.

The Øresund Aquarium Ticketing system

Streamlining ticketing and operations

When starting up the project the Øresund Aquarium emphasized that it was important that the experience for both visitors and employees was on point. The NP Entertainment solution has eased the ticketing processes for both the visitors and the employees. The daily handling of the aquarium has also become more efficient as data extraction and comparison allows them to maintain an overview of their activities.

”Our ticketing experience can hardly get any better. We are really happy about the functionalities of the solution. In fact, we do not know how to function without it. Despite the fact that the system requires some training and can do many things relative to our small size, we have not regretted our choice.” says Jens P. Jeppesen.

Efficient handling of annual passes

The Øresund Aquarium now sells 5-6 times more annual passes than before they got the ticketing system. A QR code is added to the visitors’ tickets, which can easily be converted into an annual card after the visit. In this way, the aquarium gets more returning and satisfied visitors.

Great support

In the past, it was chaotic when there was a technical issue with the POS system. Now, they can contact NaviPartner’s support 24/7. This means that the aquarium’s biology students, who work at the counter, can solve the problem themselves, without Jens or others having to drive up there and solve it.

Useful statistics

Jens P. Jeppesen was interested in streamlining their daily handling of the attraction so that they could easily and quickly get an overview of the aquarium’s activities. Here, the statistics module is helpful, as they gain insight into entrance statistics and visitor comparisons throughout the years.

Usability on point

Overall, the employees consider the system to be easy to work with compared to their old solution. Once they received training and assistance in setting up buttons and functions, it has, according to Jens P. Jeppesen, become a system that is easy to work with for all.

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