WeCoverYou: Apple Accessories and iPhone Repair

WeCoverYou was a chain of stores in growth but with an outdated system that could not keep up with the growth. For that reason, WeCoverYou chose a reliable solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and NP Retail from NaviPartner. The solution has the necessary capacity and field-proven modules tailor-made for franchise.

Retail chain with eight stores and a web store

WeCoverYou is a Danish chain of stores including a web store that sells 3000-4000 different iPhone covers and other Apple accessories. WeCoverYou also repairs and sells used iPhones. The first store opened in Odense four years ago. Today, WeCoverYou has eight stores and expect the growth to continue:

“We planned to open 10 new stores. Our existing system didn’t have enough capacity to handle our growth. It was outdated, it crashed and in general, it was too old-fashioned. Since we were set to expand further we needed a system that could keep up with the development,” Johnny Nielsen, managing director at WeCoverYou, explains.

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The end of IT hassles

Over a couple of months, Johnny Nielsen examined the market trying to find the right solution for his business. He started his research online and after three meetings with handpicked suppliers, Johnny Nielsen chose NaviPartner:

“NaviPartner’s solution met all of the requirements we had regarding the point of sale solution and the ability to deploy in all our different stores. It was also important for me that it was a field-proven system. Our new system went live in June just after the closing of accounts, and our high expectations for the many new automated processes were met and we were able to reduce the staff in the stock department with one employee.”

“For us, it was decisive that NaviPartner had experience when it comes to the franchise industry. I looked at NaviPartner’s customers and I could see several big retail chains and because of that, I was confident that they could handle this task properly.”

– Johnny Nielsen, managing director, WeCoverYou

Automatic bookkeeping

A big advantage of NaviParter’s solution is that all work processes between our stores and headquarters are automated. For instance, our invoices are handled automatically. We used to type in the invoices, print out the enclosure and then type it in manually again. All this now happens automatically.

New web store live

As we had not developed the web store for 8 years our web store solution was very old-fashioned and not optimised for mobile devices. Now our new web store on www.wecoveryou.dk is live as a NP Ecommerce web store integrated with Dynamics NAV. With the new web store, I expect to double our turnover from e-commerce.

Custom-made hand scanner

We have 4000-5000 different product codes we need to keep track of and that can be a challenge for us. For this reason, we have purchased a custom-made hand scanner for inventory management. The scanner has a docking station instead of a wire connected to a PC. This makes inventory management a lot easier for our staff.

Improved stock control

Earlier we could not pull inventory lists so inventory management was quite complicated. Our employees in the stock department received images and had to figure out, which goods were lacking in-store. And we have an enormous amount of covers to keep track of. With the new system, we have access to lists and statistics on everything. We can easily look up what has been sold and which products we are short off.

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