WhiteAway & Skousen: Domestic Appliances

Whiteaway & Skousen have been customers with  NaviPartner have been business partners since 2008. Their origin was Ahvidevarer, a small hardware retailer. Today the group has 245 employees and a revenue of more than 2 billion Danish Kroner. NaviPartner has been alongside the company throughout its journey.

Chain of shops with ambitious growth ambitions

When you have to run a frictionless business and expand without losing data and experience processual problems, you really need a system that is able to integrate inventory control, financials and point of sale solutions.

“We chose NaviPartner because of their working methods and expert knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics. We had ambitious growth ambitions with Ahvidevarer and it was important for us to choose a system suited for future growth. NaviPartner has unquestionably delivered and they have been an invaluable sparring partner ensuring frictionless implementations every time we get a new idea we want to realize”, states Ib Nørholm, Chairman of the board at Whiteaway.

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Reduced administrative cost by means of automatic processes

According to Ib Nørholm, NaviPartner’s systems has had a direct impact on employees carrying out the day-to-day management of whiteaway.com and the retail stores of Skousen and the web store has seen a considerable optimization:

“Our flow of incoming invoices from different suppliers has been revolutionized. We no longer have to process documents manually. Everything runs automatically including our logistics. The system ensures that our customers always receive their orders in time. Dynamics NAV is an indispensable anchor point for our order management and product flow. To put in into perspective it means that we have been able to reduce our administration in the Skousen chain from 60 employees down to a handful. This ultimately comes down to all the automated processes within this solution.”

“It all went very fast when we bought the Skousen chains back in 2011. Our deadline to NaviPartner was under a week and they created the infrastructure and did the setup for POS-solutions in 40 stores including training of our employees. They worked hard from Wednesday evening and we said that they had to be finished Monday morning where all of our stores opened as planned. For us, this was an extraordinary service and we then knew right from the start that we had found the perfect partner. ”

– Ib Nørholm, Chairman of the Board, WhiteAway.

Scalable solutions

NaviPartner operates our web store and manages our retail solutions and it is a big advantage for us that they are able to do both. It is also a clear advantage that NaviPartner’s can scale their solutions when we need it. Even though we have experienced rapid growth through the years the solutions delivered by NaviPartner has always kept pace with that growth without any complications, even when we expanded in Scandinavia.

Reliable at high capacity

We experienced a historically busy Black Friday last time in our stores and on our web store but NaviPartner’s solutions operated without any complications. I know many in the industry experienced server issues because of the high amount of traffic but we experienced none of that.

A system for price guarantees

Together with NaviPartner, we have a special-developed component for our Microsoft Dynamics solution that ensures our customer’s price guarantees. On a day-to-day basis, the system scans the market and our prices are adjusted automatically according to the lowest price on the market. Therefore, we can offer our customers a price guarantee whenever they visit our stores or web store.

Intelligent inventory-clearance

If we have some products in our inventory that has not been sold in a long period, the system automatically generates a discount campaign for these products. Our system ensures that we have as low capital tied in stock possible on the least successful products without us having to administrate it.

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