Business Central – an ERP system that unifies your business

Automates and streamlines processes so you can develop your business further.


    Always access your business

    With Business Central and Office 365 you always have access to updated data regardless of your location in the office or on the road.


    Make your customers happy

    Sales are integrated with purchase and stock, which quickly provides you with answers regarding purchasing and stock status.


    Top financial tool

    With Business Central you get the newest technology to help you manage the daily routines regarding accounts, budgets, and postings.


    Get an overview with BI

    Analyze customers, departments and sales personnel. You can see if your business fulfils its goals and identify which areas to improve.

Flexible solution that fits your business

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV), you get the newest technology and a series of tools for stock control, customer relationship management, supplier management, e-commerce, and electronic document exchange.

The solution can be adapted to your needs regarding workflow, financial management, administration and the role-based interface is designed to give you easy access to all tasks solved by different employees in the company.

Man with the back of the camera looks at a laptop with NAV

Overview with Business Intelligence

The optimized financial management in Business Central manages the daily routines regarding accounts, budgets, and postings.

In addition, the integration to Microsoft Power BI enhances the decision-making across departments. You have unlimited analyzing opportunities. For instance, you can analyze parameters such as customers, departments, and sales personnel.

Provide your customers with excellent service

The integration between the sales module and the other parts of Business Central gives you an overview that enables you to give your customers optimal service.

The sales integration to purchasing and stock gives you quick access to information about inventory status and delivery dates. This makes it possible for you to provide your customers with accurate answers in seconds.

NaviPartner customers - Woman holding a bread in a bakery
Shelf of warehouse in warehouse

Be on top of stock

Stock control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central manages daily stock routines efficiently and securely. The solution also provides you with tools for unit and location control.

The integration to orders ensures a real-time updated stock both in the physical store and the online store.

Increase the value of your customer relations

The ERP system makes it easy to get started with customer relationship management. The built-in CRM tools only need activation, and after that, you are ready to increase the value of your business relations as well as identifying, detaining and communicating with your customers.

Woman sitting and taking notes in front of laptop
Business Central on laptop

Future-proof technology with numerous opportunities

Business Central is based on future-proof technology giving you the opportunity to automatically attach report printing, printing bookkeeping reports, updating, servicing customers in CRM, file exchange, recalculations and much more.

Additionally, you can add language options so the users can pick a language of their choosing.

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