Dynamics NAV 2017: A sneak preview of the most interesting features

October 18, 2016
A lot of colorful circles with a hand resting under a blue circle with the name NAV 2017

It is well worth it to upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2017 as the new version comes with a range of interesting prospects. Below we give you an introduction to some of the great features that become available with Dynamics NAV 2017.

A lot of colorful circles with a hand resting under a blue circle with the name NAV 2017

Soon Microsoft is launching Dynamics NAV 2017 with some very interesting product news. Mark Stewart Pedersen, CEO of NaviPartner, brings us some of the highlights he is particularly excited about.

Power BI can be opened from the NAV web client

In previous versions, this service was only available for big companies. Now it has become cheaper and more accessible to a larger group of customers. Power BI collects data from several different sources and shows them in a dashboard. The dashboard gives the user an overview of the entire business, such as the each stores’ performance within a retail chain. The service as such is not new, it is already a part of Dynamics NAV 2016, but with the upgrade, Power BI becomes accessible directly from the NAV web client.

Read more about Power BI here.

Library – view inventory as images

This is a new feature we have been looking forward to. Now you can view your inventory as images, which can be an advantage in many different situations. For instance, if you are on the sales floor with a customer and you are about to sell an item from stock, you can view the image on your tablet and confirm with the customer, that it is the right item before ordering. And you can use the library as a simple look-up, where you can see the items’ specifications as images instead of text.

Better workflows with Microsoft Flow

Today you can use Microsoft Flow to set up custom workflows across different services and Microsoft apps. For instance, you can have a setup where a customer ID triggers a push message, followed by an email and finalized by a filing in Dropbox. In short, Microsoft Flow gives you automated workflows between the most fundamental apps and services for your business across MS office, Sharepoint, Dropbox etc. This flow now also includes Dynamics NAV.

Read more about Microsoft Flow here.

Power apps – create your own app

This is a tool, which enables users to create their own apps without involving a contractor. It is a user-friendly drag and drop system, where you can make simple apps for situations such as when the sales teams need to report mileage or the accountant needs to approve invoices. The service is not new, but it is news that you can connect from Power Apps to Dynamics NAV.

Read more about Microsoft Power Apps here.

“I think Dynamic NAV 17 offers many interesting product news, and I would highly recommend that all our clients seize the opportunity to upgrade. These new features should not only be available to clients who get the latest version. Everyone can benefit from them. All it takes is an upgrade, and we can help you with that”.

Mark Stewart Pedersen, CEO of NaviPartner

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If you already have Dynamics NAV 2016 you will automatically be upgraded to NAV 2016. If you have an earlier version you will have to upgrade in order to get the benefits of the new version.