Web store with Dynamics NAV integration

Benefit from integrating the world’s most used web store solution, Magento, with the ERP-system, Dynamics NAV, with over 2 million users worldwide.

Avoid typing twice

With automation of processes between the systems, you avoid errors and manual typing.

Constant improvements

Magento and Dynamics NAV is in a continuous development that will only benefit your business.

Quick delivery

Optimize your process of handling orders with automatically generated labels and get a faster delivery time.

Updated inventory level

Save resources on counting the number of items in your inventory with automation processes.

Automation of processes

With a web store integration to Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV, all orders and e-commerce are registered directly into your ERP-system. It does not take long for you to get the feeling that you saved resources in your day to day routine. You always have updated data and the automation of your data will save you time on maintenance of items and checking the inventory level.

Minimizing errors

With a Navision integration, you prevent human errors as you avoid typing in information manually and in different systems.

If you need to process an order without a Dynamics NAV integration, it is a process of three steps. First, you type in the data in the web store, hereafter you type it in Dynamics NAV and lastly, you type in the information to the shipping company.

With a Dynamics NAV integration, the whole process happens automatically why you save time and potential errors in the meantime.

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The best of both worlds

A Dynamics NAV integration makes sure, that you use NAV for what it is best for and Magento for what it is best for.

Dynamics NAV provides Finance Management, handling of orders, Inventory Management etc. In other words – all the heavy administrative processes. On the other hand, you have your Magento web store that helps you with Search Engine Optimization and a professional visual look. At the same time, there are various add-ons to Magento, which gives you the best opportunities to maximize the outcome of your solution.

Therefore, you get the best of both worlds with a Dynamics integration.

Greater integration to shipping companies

The handling of orders can be even more simple with a Dynamics NAV integration to Consignor. Consignor has collected all the most used shipping companies into one solution. When an order is registered in Dynamics NAV, there will automatically be generated a label with the customer’s information and shipping method, that quick and easy can be put on the package before sending.

The solution works for shipping companies like GLS and Post Nord and you also gain access to various other Danish and foreign shipping and delivery companies.


Online and offline channels are not as separated as before and your customers expect to be able to buy the same products online as in your brick-and-mortar store. The customers wish to use click and collect, exchange and return items bought online to your brick-and-mortar store and use gift vouchers online as well as offline.

A Dynamics NAV integration makes sure that there always is an interplay between item, prices and stock. When a customer buys an item in your brick-and-mortar store, it will automatically be updated on the web store – and the other way around.

The automated process makes sure that you do not need to worry whether your inventory level is updated. You also avoid typing in manually in the systems every time you make an offline or online sale.

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