High-speed eCommerce hosting

Optimize your web store’s performance with eCommerce hosting on Azure.

Your advantages with Microsoft Azure


    Global reach and local presence

    Ecommerce hosting on Microsoft Azure is available in more than 140 countries/regions


    Daily backups that can be accessed for 30 days

    Changes in the database, images, and code are recorded on a daily basis


    Reliability with version-controlled code

    We can roll back code updates if necessary


    Ecommerce hosting support 24/7

    We always monitor and support your e-commerce site.

Ecommerce hosting with 99,9% guaranteed uptime

Using load balancing, Azure spreads the hosting of your web store over several machines to prevent crashes. In addition, the Azure Firewall protects the web store against attacks. Together, two load balancers and two firewalls per web store ensure that the hosting is always strong, even if a load balancer or firewall should crash. Moreover, several data centers in your web store’s primary region provide the entire setup of the web store.

Optimal performance with separate servers

The database servers and front-end servers that customers visit are separated to ensure that both can work optimally, even in situations where one of them comes under more pressure than normal. It has, for example, the advantage that you can upload updates from Dynamics Business Central, even when the web store serves many visitors.

Even higher speed with Cloudflare

If you want to make sure that your web store has the highest speed, we also use the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest suppliers of CDN, which ensures that your website’s content is delivered as quickly and optimally as possible. Cloudflare also provides extra protection against Denial-of-Service attacks, popularly known as DDoS, as well as automatic image optimization and other speed enhancements.

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