E-commerce platform ready for omnichannel retailing

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Profit from an web store based on Magento, and integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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    Create a platform for unified commerce

    Connect eCommerce, ERP, POS and WMS into one unified solution that optimizes your stores, both online and on-site.


    Marketing automation and an abundance of features

    Utilize the best Magento features and gain access to leading martech platforms facilitated by our partners.


    Reliable hosting of your web store

    The robust setup ensures that your eCommerce site can always perform at its best – also during seasonal sales.

A web store optimized for unified commerce

Even though a web store is a crucial part of a customer journey, the magic happens in the interaction between web stores and onsite stores. With unified commerce you get the ability to constantly show updated information of available goods across the chain’s warehouses and stores, both onsite and online. This activation of the goods across locations and platforms ensures that the customers won’t be disappointed when choosing click & collect.

Unified commerce enables you to activate loyalty programs that provide your customers with access to benefits and points both online and in-store. Your customers get the same, great experience regardless of their choice of purchasing platform – digital or physical.

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A wide range of features and add-ons

As a starting point, your new web store has a large number of standard features to ensure that your web store is found by customers and that they get a pleasant experience when purchasing online. We also enriched the standard web store with a wide range of features such as tokenized payments, omnichannel coupons, and gift cards.

To boost your online presence and increase sales you can choose from a wide range of add-ons that facilitate additional sales, upselling and cross-selling, or ensure visibility and control over what the customers are exposed to. More-over you can e.g. expand the standard delivery features or add a B2B web store.

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7 safe steps to your new web store

In this whitepaper you can learn how we secure a hazzlefree implementation proces.

Loyalty and marketing automation

Without the tools to efficiently provide customers and loyalty club members with relevant messages throughout their entire customer lifecycle, you miss out on opportunities to improve both customer experience and profitability.

To ensure that you can utilize the opportunities we have established partnerships with cutting-edge martech providers that can enable you to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability in all channels.

The real value of the integration resides in leveraging marketing not only on traditional data from your web store, but also including POS transactions from on-site retail sales and returns, to successfully increase the performance of your recommendations and spot valuable customers.

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Secure hosting with global reach

With web store hosting on Microsoft Azure, you are secured on up-time of 99,9%.  We monitor the performance of your e-commerce site day and night and you have access to support 24/7/365. During seasonal sales you benefit from the robustness of the solution that ensures that you don’t miss sales due to slow web store performance.

Microsoft Azure offers high speed hosting in hundreds of countries. This provides your eCommerce business with the opportunity to benefit from global reach and local presence all around the world.

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