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In an era where retail convenience, security, and customer experience are paramount, NP Payment leads the revolution, backed by significant partnerships with industry giants like Softpay, Planet Payment, Adyen, and Vibrant. This innovative system is more than a transaction processor – it’s a comprehensive solution that elevates every aspect of the payment experience for both retailers and their customers.

With Planet Payment, we offer integrated payment solutions including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Tax-Free online payments. Our collaboration with Adyen brings advanced payment options, tokenization, and offline capabilities. Furthermore, our strategic partnership with Vibrant drives our active sales efforts in global markets, showcasing our commitment to expanding our reach and influence.

Tap-to-Phone Payment: Revolutionizing Retail with Softpay

Gone are the days of bulky credit card terminals and a counter full of hardware. With NP Payment’s tap-to-phone technology, modern retailing takes a giant leap forward. The collaboration with Softpay propels retailers into modern retailing.

NP Payment’s tap-to-phone technology, powered by this partnership, transforms smartphones into sophisticated transaction devices. Leveraging NFC technology, it eradicates traditional equipment needs, simplifies operations, reduces costs, and most importantly – it elevates the customer’s checkout experience.

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Tokenization with Adyen: Loyalty and a Data Shield

In the digital age, securing customer data is imperative. NP Payment’s integration with Adyen utilizes tokenization, transforming sensitive credit card information into unique tokens. This not only fortifies transaction security but also opens new doors for customer engagement.

With tokenized data, retailers can safely identify returning customers, offering personalized experiences and rewards. This seamless integration of security and customer service not only fosters trust but also encourages repeat business, creating a win-win scenario for retailers and shoppers alike.

Smart Coupon and Voucher Integration

Coupons and vouchers have always been powerful tools for driving sales and customer engagement. NP Payment elevates it to another level by allowing the creation and redemption of digital coupons and vouchers directly within the system.

This function not only gives retailers an additional opportunity to delight customers but also integrates smoothly with current promotional campaigns, creating a cohesive shopping experience.

Elevate Your Retail Game with NP Payment

NP Payment, with its strategic partnerships, is a strategic asset for forward-thinking retailers. It reduces hardware dependence, secures customer data, and integrates loyalty strategies, benefiting all stakeholders. Customers enjoy a personalized, secure shopping experience, while retailers operate more efficiently, building trust and driving repeat business.


NP Payment symbolizes the next stage in retail evolution, offering unmatched convenience, security, and engagement opportunities. Retailers adopting NP Payment aren’t just staying current; they’re leading in a competitive landscape. Ready to step into the future of retail? Contact us to discover how NP Payment can redefine your business’s transaction methods and customer engagement strategies.

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