Enjoy the interplay between Office 365 and Dynamics NAV

February 9, 2016
Sreenshot of role center i NAV

The 2016 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is stronger than ever. In the new version, the focus has been on creating a complete integrated solution and the interplay with Office 365 has never been better.

An overall view

Office 365 and Dynamics NAV are both cloud services accessible at any place or any time. The interplay between Dynamics NAV and Office 365 create extra value as you can have your whole business and the information you need most, with you everywhere you go. E-mail, calendar, Business Intelligence and Dynamics NAV are all integrated into one complete solution as soon as you log into Office 365.

Role center

When logged in to Office 365, all the important pieces of information close at hand. The role centre is your personal home page in Dynamics NAV and here you are able to visualize important financial indicators of your choosing. This could, for instance, be total revenue, total expenditure, and interest income just to name a few.

You can switch the indicators you want to be displayed quickly and easily. All numbers are fully updated in real-time and you can analyze the numbers right down to the last detail.

Sreenshot of role center i NAV

In the role centre, you can easily access reports. You can manage permissions in Dynamics NAV in order to be certain the right people have access to the data. With just a simple click you can retrieve reports showing your top 10 customer list, VAT overview, price lists and much more.

Office 365 and Power BI

The integration to Office 365 is much about exploiting all the information and data you receive, in the most simple and effective manner without navigating in multiple systems.

You can export the numerous reports accessible in Dynamics NAV to excel for further analysis, or if you wish to share the information with other employees. Additionally, you can use a Microsoft add-on program such as the Business Intelligence tool, Power Pivot, for elaborate analysis.

Grpahs in excel

With Power Pivot, you can filter customers based on various demographics, and the program can handle large amounts of data. The data analysis can be shared easily on SharePoint for other employees to access and analyze.

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