What is an ERP system?

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” – but what does ERP mean and contain?

ERP – the heart of your business processes

An ERP system is a business management software that combines all the business processes and departments into one system. By calculating processes and resources, your ERP solution manages to get your company to function as a living organism – as the heart of your business.

An ERP system can boost your business by providing stronger customer relations, increase sales, administrate your finances, and get the most out of your time and resources.

Why choose an ERP system?

An ERP system is for every company or organization who wishes to grow or optimize their business processes. The system makes it easier to streamline working procedures across departments and at the same time support the overall business growth strategy.

The ERP software is easily integrated with other kinds of software and is also scalable concurrently with the size of the business. The system provides your company with an overview, control, optimization and insight into your business, that both make you more effective, but also more relevant to your customers.

Dynamics NAV – a world-class ERP system

Microsoft’s ERP system, Dynamics NAV (former Navision), is one of the world’s most successful and used business management software tools with more than 2 million users worldwide.

The business management software offers the newest technology and different facilities such as stock management, customer relations management, control of delivery, and e-commerce.

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We are a certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner and have deep experience in ERP implementation.

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 Microsoft Dynamics NAV – An ERP system with more than 2 million users

The ERP system automates and streamlines in order for you to focus on your business

Top financial tool

The ERP solution is optimized to help you manage the daily routines regarding accounts, budgets, and postings.

Always access to your business

Regardless of your location in the office or on the road, you always have access to updated data directly on your devices.

Overview with BI

With BI you get an overview of your goals and business processes that enable you to make qualified decisions based on facts.

Improve customer experience

Sales are integrated with purchase and stock, which provides you with information regarding purchasing and stock status to your customers.

Automated invoice process

Optimize your financial management by automatically sending your customers an invoice, when they order an item or service from you.

Easy stock management

Manage your orders fast and easy with everything stored in one system and through that save resources on delivery and shipping.

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