Easily create and manage events

NP Event Management helps you monitor and keep track of group events. The module enables you to create events in Business Central that form the basis for customer agreements. Each confirmed event is booked in your calendar and can send meeting requests, alongside with event details, and internal guidelines.  If the event is changed or rescheduled, calendar bookings update accordingly, and the customer is notified. This enables you to reduce the workload related to administration and coordination with both customers and employees.

  • Use standard templates for easy and quick event creation
  • Book resources and acheive capacity control of resources
  • Integrations into NP Ticketing, MS Outlook and MS Word
  • Easily creave invoices from events.
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Screen with NP Event Management

Keep track of events and reduce coordination efforts

From the module, you can book internal resources such as guides, accommodation, meeting facilities, etc. You get an overview of availability and avoid double bookings. When booking resources such as guides or catering you can also send meeting requests alongside event specific details. As a result, resources are well informed and have the events booked in their calendar and the kitchen always has full information of groups arriving.

All registration is performed within Business Central which forms the basis of all reporting. This provides you with a complete overview.

Tickets and invoicing

You can reserve, issue, and print tickets for your event attendees. These tickets can be for ordinary access or for events with limited capacity, such as bus tours or concerts. If your solution has NP Ticketing Online you can create e-tickets and forward them by email or sms.

From the event-form, easily create a sales order and issue an invoice instantly or after the event has taken place. During the event, guest can make more purchases from the kitchen or the shop and add these items to an open sales order. After the event, the customer gets one combined invoice. The customer can then pay at the register, or have the invoice emailed.

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