Facial recognition can be used for associating memberships with a picture instead of a plastic card. This is how facial recognition works.

At an attraction a customer wants to purchase a membership, so the salesperson hits the “Tickets” button, and then “Club-VIP”. The salesperson fills in the name and email of the new member. At the top of the screen he presses the dotted line, and chooses “Take Picture”. A new window pops up and turns on the webcam. The salesperson captures a photo, presses ”Save”, and ”OK”. This creates a new sales line in the POS. The salesperson goes to payment, chooses a payment method, and finally ”OK”.

When the customer returns a couple of months later her membership can be verified in ”Member Arrival”. As the salesperson presses the ”Identify” button the webcam captures an image of the customer. Now details about the member appear on the screen. The salesperson hits ”OK” and the member can go enjoy the exhibition.

Let’s go to Business Central and see some of the data all this has created. Navigate to “Departments”, then ”Member” in the ”Retail Add Ons” section. And finally ”MCS Faces”. This leads to a page where all the images taken by the facial recognition feature are stored. Amongst other things you can see the program’s guess at the gender and age of the members. Which as an example can be used for creating targeted marketing content.

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