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Get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year

By 18. November 2020March 10th, 2021No Comments

Black Friday is fast approaching. This year the corona crisis has changed the way retailers prepare for the big day. How do you make the most of Black Friday? We give you three suggestions.

Shopping - Get ready for Black Friday

Each year more and more retailers are joining the craze, and each year the marketing departments increase their budgets and the magnitude of their campaigns. This year is in every way different due to the corona pandemic. In Denmark, it is expected that Danish consumers will spend more money on Black Friday than previously. The situation can, however, be different in other countries. Many European countries are in lockdown with different kinds of restrictions. Depending on the corona situation in your country, you can try to prepare for Black Friday and make the most of the big shopping day. We give you three tips.

Here are three ways to create a great shopping experience on Black Friday:

#1. Give good customer experience online and in-store

One thing is to lower the prices and make some great deals. This is a must if you want to ride the wave of success. When every retailer offers favorable prices, creating a good customer experience becomes a new important parameter in the consumers’ decision-making process both online and in-store.

As a web store owner it is essential that your e-commerce site is user-friendly, your load time is fast, your payment process not suffers from disconnections, and that consumers are able to choose the payment methods they prefer.

As a store owner, in these corona times, it is essential to create a safe and secure shopping experience for your customers. This year consumers cannot stand in dense queues or stand close when reaching for the good deals. You can therefore launch a number of initiatives that ensure that not too many people have access to the store at a time. You could consider spreading your offers over several days and celebrate Black Week instead of Black Friday. You can also invest in a mobile POS and make better use of your square meters in the store and avoid long queues.

#2. Offer customers a good exchange policy

When consumers make use of your favorable offers it is important that the items are sold on the same terms as regular purchases. A fair and flexible exchange policy is a competitive advantage if you want to ensure a successful sale during this period. This fair and flexible exchange policy is imperative whether the customers do their shopping online or in a store. And it is very important that the exchange policy extends to after Christmas, as many customers buy their Christmas presents on Black Friday.

#3. Integrate the in-store and online shopping experience

Consumers no longer distinguish between whether they shop online or in a physical store, and therefore you should neither. Today a customer might be physically in a store, while they shop in your web store. Therefore, you need to make sure your business operations fit the customer’s needs instead of having your business divided into departments and channels. And you need to make sure you provide the same service and the same prices at all customer touchpoints. It is those retailers who understand unified commerce, who are most successful – not only on these big shopping days but throughout the entire year.

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