How to get your web store customers to feel appreciated

December 3, 2015
Woman is sitting with a cup of coffee and tablet

It can boost your revenue massively if you ensure your customers return to your web store continuously. In this post, we will give a few tips to how you create customer loyalty.

Woman is sitting with a cup of coffee and tablet


Give customers a reason to return to your web store by rewarding them for their loyalty. Some methods could be to send out voucher codes or special offers to customers who have bought from your store previously.

Additionally, you can reward customers who participate in competitions, write reviews or in one way or another engages with your store on social media.

Offer gifts

Even small gestures can have a huge effect on the customer experience. A gift included in a customer’s order can have a great impact on customer’s willingness to return to the web store in the future.

You can offer things like:

  • Sweets
  • Vouchers
  • Samples
  • Umbrellas, coffee mugs, pens etc. with logos

Customers appreciate gifts as long as they are useful. You can also place hand-written greetings alongside the packaged gifts. Keep in mind that even the smallest of gifts can have an impact.

Special discounts

It is always nice to save money. Send gift vouchers or special discounts to your members or VIP-customers and inspire them to use more money while you provide them with a discount. You can, for instance, gather products in special discount product groups through smart product listings. Certain occasions such as birthdays, festive seasons and campaigns are good moments to send customers a little extra gift. This can help increase customer loyalty.

Free delivery

Costs of delivery can be an annoying factor for people shopping online. Show them you appreciate doing business with them by cutting the costs of delivery. You can have free delivery when customers buy for a certain amount of money or you can reward returning customers by offering free delivery no matter the amount. Or even better, offer both solutions.

High priority customers

Offer your members and VIPs first right on special discounts. If you are to launch a campaign with a voucher code or reduced prices, send the news to your most loyal customers first in order to show you appreciate them. The same can be applied in regards to exclusive news like a new store or department opening.