Get ready for the biggest shopping days of the year

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up. These shopping days are no longer an opportunity retailers can afford to miss. How do you make the most of these sales opportunities? And how can you best utilize the extra visits?

Shopping - Get ready for Black Friday

Black Friday and the subsequent Cyber Monday mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping. Each year more and more retailers are joining the craze, and each year the marketing departments increase their budgets and the magnitude of their campaigns. These shopping days are no longer an opportunity you can afford to miss.

Due to the increased marketing efforts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become household names among the consumers, who have come to expect these days to be full of favourable offers from all types of retailers. And these consumers have cleverly seized the opportunity to save money on their Christmas shopping, as Christmas presents for most people are a big expense. Christmas presents are also bought earlier as a consequence of many retailers offering a better exchange service.

How can you make the most of these sales opportunities?

One thing is to lower the prices and make some great deals. This is a must if you want to ride the wave of success on these popular shopping days. When every retailer offers favourable prices, customer service becomes a new important parameter in the consumers’ decision-making process – even in these times of great discounts. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to the customer’s needs and make sure to offer a great shopping experience both online and in the store.

Here are three ways to create a great shopping experience:

#1. Give good customer experience

One way to differentiate your retail business from your competitors is to offer a good customer experience both online and in store.

Today, consumers expect to complete sales with a few clicks in no time. As a web store owner, your e-commerce site’s user-friendliness should be optimal, your load time be fast, your payment process not suffer from disconnections, and consumers should be able to choose the payment methods they prefer.

In your brick-and-mortar store, customers expect friendly personnel, but moreover, customers expect to be fed with essential information before buying an item – and preferably without too much waiting time. Equipped with a mobile device, Sales Assistants have all the essential information at hand. The device allows them to check the inventory of a particular product, but also help with recommendations for similar products using Mixed Reality technology.

Have a look at how a Sales Assistant utilizes Mixed Reality in a shoe store.

#2. Offer customers a good exchange policy

When consumers make use of your favourable offers it is important that the items are sold on the same terms as regular purchases. A fair and flexible exchange policy is a competitive advantage if you want to ensure a successful sale during this period. This fair and flexible exchange policy is imperative whether the customers do their shopping online or in a store. And it is very important that the exchange policy extends to after Christmas, as many customers buy their Christmas presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

#3. Integrate the in-store and online shopping experience

Consumers no longer distinguish between whether they shop online or in a physical store, and therefore you should neither. Today a customer might be physically in a store, while they purchase from the same retailer’s web store from a smartphone, if the web store has the right size in stock. Therefore, you need to make sure your business operations fit the customer’s needs instead of having your business divided into departments and channels. And you need to make sure you provide the same service and the same prices at all customer touch points. It is those retailers who understand omnichannel, who are most successful – not only on these big shopping days but throughout the entire year.

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