Hosting & cloud services

Do you want to have access to advanced solutions without being responsible for installation, backup and maintenance? Then our hosting service is the obvious choice. With a hosting service, you will get an utmost reliable and stable IT Solution and you will save a particular amount of money concerning hardware and maintenance.

Total access to data and control

With a hosting solution from NaviPartner, your software runs from our hosting centre. In this way, you will have access to the system online, no matter if you are located at the office, on a trade exhibition, at your accountant, or at home. If you are having trouble with the internet connection, the store can still carry out transactions on a local emergency cash register or via 3G.

We take responsibility for security and service

All the data is saved on a server located in our fire and theft-proof hosting centre and we carry out a distant backup of your data every night. For this reason, you avoid working with setting up, maintaining and backing up data servers and your system is updated continuously.

Your advantages with hosting

  • Your data is protected from fire, theft and power failure
  • Access via the internet no matter the location
  • Save time on hardware and IT maintenance
  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Very favourable prices
  • Qualified support.