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How can you utilize SMS marketing?

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Consumers are willing to receive marketing messages from companies through text messages. However, the channel is overlooked by many. Are you unsure of how you can use SMS marketing? We give you three examples.

How to utilize SMS marketing

What can you use SMS marketing for?

The potential in using SMS marketing is great partly because of the high opening rate, but also because of its many possible applications. Are you unsure of how to use SMS marketing in your business? We give you three examples here.

# 1 Promote discounts and campaigns

One way to use SMS marketing in your marketing portfolio is to promote diverse promotional campaigns. The SMS campaign can contain generic or personalized offers that should catch your customers’ attention. Have a look at how to kick-start your promotional campaigns here:

SMS marketing

In the examples above, it is shown how you can both promote general discounts in the store, but also make specific discount codes to attract consumers to your store. The content of the text is edited and sent directly from the ERP system. In this way, you can easily make your campaigns visible to your recipients without too many resources.

#2 Optimize your loyalty program

Today, many consumers are into loyalty programs. However, they are unaware of their number of loyalty points and active coupons. 53% of the questioned American consumers are unsure of how many points they have collected from their favorite loyalty program. This is one of the findings from research conducted by 3Cinteractive.

Here, SMS marketing can be a great opportunity to communicate coupons and updated loyalty points to your members. The survey shows that 4 of 10 consumers will visit the store more often if they are aware of the number of points and active coupons. See examples of messages that can be formulated in a text message to your loyalty members:

SMS marketing

The examples show how you can leverage SMS’s reach to get members to save loyalty cards and coupons directly into their smartphone wallets.

#3 Give updates through transactional messages

Consumers make online purchases as never before. This results in an expanded need of gaining insight into package delivery dates – and whether the package has even been shipped. With text messages, you can give your customers important information about orders, returns or complaints. In this way, your customers always have updated information about their case/order. See examples of transaction messages below.

SMS marketing

The examples show how you can pass important information on to your customers about their delivery, return or complaint. Whatever the reason, you can set up automated processes in your ERP system, ensuring that your customers are fed with the necessary information without the need for manual processes.

Why embark on SMS marketing?

Today, companies usually use more common channels for marketing their businesses. These include email, social media and Google advertising. SMS as a marketing channel is less explored. Due to the smaller exposure, consumers are not yet as fed up with SMS marketing as they are of many other channels. As many as 75% are in favor of receiving SMS campaigns from companies.

The consumers are also more willing to open text messages than regular e-mails. Compared to e-mail campaigns with an average opening rate of 20%, a survey shows that 90% of all SMS campaigns are not only opened but also read within 3 minutes after it is received.

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