How to make your customer’s implementation projects run smoothly

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Your customer has finally made a decision to upgrade their ERP system, but how do they successfully get from the decision to a final implementation? This is how NaviPartner’s project team guide our customers safely through every step of the process.

Project leaders for NaviPartner sit together at a white table and talk about customer implementation

From left: Kristian, Daniel, Kirstine and Frederik

Facing a new IT implementation project can be frightening and business critical and involve careful timing and planning. It can require training in new systems and new workflows – and this kind of change is always difficult. The customers can run into difficult technical challenges and extensive data migration exercises. Many underestimate what it actually requires and how many resources need to be set aside for the implementation.

Whether the customer needs to open a new web store, implement a new Point of Sale system for their business or deal with ticket sales and memberships for their museum, NaviPartner has the solution and can help their implementation project run smoothly.

May we present NaviPartner’s project team

NaviPartner’s project team consists of the following five dedicated Project Managers Daniel, Kirstine, Jeppe, Frederik and Adam lead by Team Leader Kristian Pedersen. The team is responsible for running all IT implementation projects at NaviPartner and also the customer’s success, as the Project Manager role requires a foot in each camp. The team follows the project step by step at the customer’s end and ensures that the customer is informed along the way, and that they meet their targets within the agreed deadline. At the same time, the team coordinates the resources at NaviPartner, hereby involving the right Developers and Consultants at the right time during the project.

The Project Manager is the customer’s anchor

When customers run their implementation project through us, they get their own permanent Project Manager who functions as their anchor at NaviPartner and ensures that the project is progressing, as it should.

“We ensure that the project runs smoothly by being on top of all the daily activities and correspondence. Besides the day-to-day handling, it is also part of our role to be farsighted and proactive, so we steer out of any problems ahead and constantly work on optimizing the process,” says Head of Consultants, Frederik Bentsen Hejnfelt.

Sparring and clarification from the initial phase

Although the customers might have a somewhat clear idea of what their needs are, and what kind of system they want, we find that we have an important job to do in the initial phase. This is where we help them figure out how much can be solved with the standard solution, and what requires some special development. We ask the customers some clarifying questions and help them dig a little further. Based on this we suggest solutions and features, that can improve their business and workflow, that they did not know existed and had not considered beforehand.

A helping hand throughout the project

Besides advising in the initial phase, the very important part of a Project Manager’s work is to sketch out and manage the entire process with milestones, deliverables and deadlines: “We focus heavily on anticipating the process itself and explaining the customer exactly what is required of them in each phase of the project, so they can allocate the right resources”, Kristian Pedersen explains.

In addition to these overall focus areas, there are a number of specific workflows and issues that apply, depending on which type of IT implementation they are facing, for example a new Point of Sale system. Read more about how to implement a new POS system from the guide below.

How to implement a new POS system

Want to successfully get your customers from the decision phase to final implementation of their POS solutions?

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