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How to prepare a web store for the holiday season

By 9. November 2017October 7th, 2020No Comments

The rush of Christmas shopping is soon upon us, and it is time to prepare web stores for some busy weeks. Learn more about features in NP Ecommerce, that can lift sales and make life easier for web store owners and their customers during the upcoming season.

Christmas shopping web store

Senior Web Consultant Martin Akrawi highlights some of the features from the standard NP Ecommerce solution that can help get the web store ready for Christmas sales.

#1: Use product lists for Christmas gift ideas

Web store owners can create temporary categories with gift ideas for different types of audiences and highlight them accordingly – i.e. gifts for him, her, the boyfriend, the mother or the grandfather. It is also possible to create unique categories according to product groups, colors or campaigns.
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#2: Rotate the special Christmas offers

Product lists can also be used to change the offers in the web store regularly. One suggestion could be to alternate between 1-5 discounted goods, so the web store presents new items once a day or once a week. This will make the customers keep an extra eye on the web store, and it will keep them coming back. A trick for this can be using product lists in combination with pricing rules.
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#3: Offer your online customers a benefit

Online customers require extra flexibility. Web shops can meet this demand by covering the shipment costs in the holiday season, also in the case of returns.

To get additional sales, web shop owners could ensure their customers that Christmas packages are delivered prior to Christmas Eve. A way to ensure delivery on time is to display product availability on the web store.
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#4: Send more newsletters

You can upsell by sending out more newsletters during the holiday season, for example, “Last chance for delivery before Christmas,” “Reduced price on this year’s perfect Christmas gift” or “The Christmas Sale ends in a week”.
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#5: Better service in the holiday season

Make it very clear how the customers can contact the webshop, get help or ask questions. This can be done by creating a slideshow on the front page with contact information and information regarding services in the holiday season.
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