Team Leader in Mauritius

My name is Jeppe Due Hansen. I am the team leader for the NAV department here in Mauritius. We are currently seven in the department and will soon become one colleague more. Additionally, I program for customers and I am involved in developing our NP Retail solution.

In my spare time, I am together with my family. I live here with my wife Merethe and my daughter Bianca. On weekdays, I only have time to get home and have a swim with my daughter in the pool before dinner. After dinner it is more or less the same program every day, namely making sure that my daughter is in her bed before it’s too late, and then after doing that I find time to relax and get ready for bed myself.

On weekends we enjoy to explore the island, to do some shopping or, of course, go for swims. One of my dreams is to take a diving certificate and hopefully doing it this summer, which I am looking much forward to.

Came to Mauritius by chance

I was in fact looking for a new job for my wife, when I came across an ad from NaviPartner. I digested the information about a job in Mauritius for a day or so, before I showed it to Merethe. She was somewhat faster in her decision making than I had been, and answered only “You only show me that, if you believe it to be right.” I applied for the job and was fortunate to be given it.

When I applied for the position, there were many other things than the mere work related issues spinning around in my head. Moving abroad, and living in another country, and what about my family and thoughts like that. It was only during the talks with Mark (Director of NaviPartner) that it began to dawn upon me what the job was really about. If I am to summarize the work expectations I meet, they are more or less the same as they would be if I had the same job in Denmark.

My expectations of working in Mauritius are totally fulfilled

I’ve had all my expectations and more than that met. Working in Mauritius is not much different than it would be in Denmark. The employees here have an attitude that is very similar to Danish employees’ and they are very helpful. And we all know that life and one’s job are a little bit easier, when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. More so, it is more or less year round. I have been in Mauritius for a little more than half a year, and we’ve only had 3 or 4 days of all-day rain.

Great experience for the entire family

The best part of living in Mauritius is clearly the climate. It’s summer here 9-10 months a year. We love to go swimming, and due to the climate, it’s something we can pretty much do all year round. The culture in Mauritius is also something that we find great. People are extremely friendly, and we are invited to various events at regular intervals. We were, for example, at an Indian wedding invited by an employee’s cousin. It was a great experience for all of us and especially my daughter.

At a more familiar level, I am also extremely happy that my daughter has this experience, and we hope that it will provide her with experiences and skills that will be beneficial for her future life. Specifically we think it a great advantage that she learns English.

Denmark is far away, but our family comes to visit

Yes, we are very far away from our relatives in Denmark and the option of a quick trip, is no longer possible. We try to keep in touch by talking on the phone as often as we can. And not being able to see each other often also gives the opportunity of trying something new. We have invited my family down next month, and they come and live with us for 4 weeks.

Living on one income

My wife does not have permission to work in Mauritius, but have long wanted to spend more
time with our daughter. In Denmark we could not afford this option of one income, but here it is successful. Her days are “work-related” until lunchtime. We eat breakfast together, and so she drops our daughter off for Pre-school. After doing that, she makes a few practical tasks such as shopping or going to the gym. After lunch she picks up Bianca again, and then they spent the rest of the day together.

Back in Denmark when my daughter is to start school

When Bianca is to start school, we would like to return to Denmark. It gives us about 3 years time to spend in Mauritius.