Loss prevention with RFID reduces shrinkage

Build efficient loss prevention and reduce inventory shrinkage with accurate insight into the when and where of each item.

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      Gain advanced loss prevention and improved insight

      Armed with knowledge on how each item is moved around you can prevent loss


      Get exact knowledge about each item that left the store

      Proactively reduce shrink with insights into the when and where of each theft


      Identify and react to trends

      Plan data-driven initiatives that directly target the cause of the problem


      Seamless integration with sales and return of goods

      The solution is integrated with automated inventory management and return of items.

Gain advanced loss prevention and improved insight

Too often, electronic alarms triggered by theft are ignored. But the loss of huge amounts of money is not a problem that disappears, just because the alarm stops. NP WMS takes you a step further so you can go from reactive to proactive with deeper insight into loss and theft.

When you have live data about the location of each item, you can see how it is moved around, and use this data to prevent loss. You can get notifications when an unsold item leaves the store and use the data to identify patterns in shrinkage.

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This is how loss prevention with RFID works

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1. Tag your items

Provide your items with RFID tags. To maximize ROI the solution can also deliver data to your inventory management system.

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2. Read the tags

RFID readers placed overhead, on walls, or at exits identify the tagged items. Items that are not directly visible are also identified.

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3. Follow your items

Connect the data with loss prevention, which alerts staff when unsold items leave the store. The data also enables advanced loss prevention.

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Get exact insight into unsold items leaving the store

Typically, traditional electronic theft prevention triggers an alarm when a security tag leaves the store with an item. The issue with this kind of electronic article surveillance is that it doesn’t collect knowledge about which items are leaving or how they were moved around in the store, before disappearing. The missing insight makes retailers vulnerable and threatens their profitability.

With NP WMS you collect data about the date, time, and place for each theft, giving you the opportunity to plan proactive loss prevention.

See patterns to identify and react to trends

With insights on how each item moves around in the warehouse and in the store, you are not only warned when somebody attempts to leave with an unsold item. You can connect the product data with patterns in shrinkage. The system provides you with knowledge on when items enter or leave zones such as trial rooms.

By means of the data, you can identify patterns and act proactively to target the source of the problem directly. Go from reactive to proactive with an overview of data about shrink and theft.

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Rag of clothing where the staff can follow the movement of them

Seamless integration with the registration of sales and returns

Gain seamless loss prevention integrated with automated sales and returns, while at the same time protecting the privacy of your customers. When an item is sold the RFID tag is deactivated in the system.

If an item is returned, the tag is reset to normal operation and is made visible to RFID readers. You also get the opportunity to instantly and automatically remove a sold item from the inventory and improve customer experience with the seamless return of items.

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