mPOS – a mobile POS solution for cafes and restaurants

Get close to your guests with a mobile POS solution and experience greater customer satisfaction

mPOS on iPhone for payment

    Provide a good experience

    Save guests’ time and maintain the service level all the way from ordering to payment.


    Avoid misunderstandings

    Get an overview of the orders and avoid handwritten notes to other personnel.


    Increase flexibility

    Free the staff from the counter and be in close contact with the guests from ordering to payments.


    Complete faster payments

    Utilize specified hardware for the mobile POS and save both the staff’s and your guest’s time.

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Increase sales and customer satisfaction

With a mobile POS, you make sure that your guests save time when ordering, as they avoid waiting in lines. The staff has the opportunity to increase the service level by completing payments at the table with an m-POS. In the POS solution, the order is easily identified and the staff is able to complete the sale without having to walk back to the counter for a payment terminal.

If the guests wish to pay separately, the staff can easily split the bill and accept several payments from the mobile POS solution.

mPOS, mobile POS for restaurant and cafe
mPOS, mobile POS system, for restaurant and cafe

Thoroughly tested hardware for m-POS

The personal service and increased flexibility when serving guests not only requires a mobile POS – it also requires the right hardware e.g. Point of Sale using tablets.

At NaviPartner, we have selected a shortlist of hardware that is both compatible with a mobile Point of Sale solution and also user-friendly for staff and guests– e.g. a mobile phone POS.

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Accept all kinds of payments

The staff is able to receive all kinds of payments with a tablet or smartphone everywhere in the cafe and restaurant.

These payments include transactions by scan, swipe or by inserting a credit card, and is also able to make certain mobile payments.

Additionally, the cafe or restaurant can make use of gift vouchers, member points or discount coupons equally with cash or credit card payments.

cafe customer experience mpos

Strengthen your staff

Guests today require great customer experiences when they visit cafes or restaurants. By providing your staff with a mobile POS, you can offer your guests a personal and effective customer service.

A mobile Point of Sale solution will strengthen your staff and increase flexibility for the guests and the personnel. The staff will have the opportunity to receive orders and accept payments at the tables without long cables and large cash registers.

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