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Together with Heyloyalty, we offer cutting-edge email and SMS marketing, and marketing automation. We ensure that modern retailers and e-commerce businesses have the tools necessary to increase reach, optimize business processes and ultimately, increase the lifetime value of their visitors and customers.

Utilize cross-channel data

Our combined solution includes all common tools, expected of a modern marketing platform, such as bulk mails, and many automation such as abandon cart, category, and product interest, etc.

However, the real value of the integration resides in the usage of cross-channel data to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability in all channels. Below you can read about some of the possibilities, that are made available in our integration.

Heyloyalty is a user-friendly marketing automation platform for e-commerce growth.
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In a competitive marketing/marketing automation setup, you need to facilitate cross-channel data. This means leveraging marketing not only on traditional data from your online store (like web orders and click-stream data). You need to include POS transactions from physical retail sales as well as your returns, to successfully increase the performance of your recommendations and spot valuable customers.


We need to stop talking about mailing lists. We do not cater to people on a list. We cater to people who are loyal to your brand. We like to refer to these as “members” of a loyalty program (regardless of the benefits). As such, we need to make sure that all modern protocols of a successful loyalty program are considered when doing marketing (and especially marketing automation).

With our solution, we enable you to move from traditional list segments to advanced member management. Advanced member management enables you to move away from predefined segmentation, like in/out of a list, maybe coupled with interests listed in your signup forms. Instead, you become able to build dynamic rule-based lists, that establish recipients based on their (real-time) interaction with your brand.

Examples of advanced member management could be;

  • People who are oriented towards certain categories or brands on your website (URL tracking) and did not buy a product in any of your channels
  • Channel loyalty. Identify those who buy online and in the physical stores or those you might be able to establish a cross-channel relationship with, etc.
  • Churn risk, or win-back. Identify members that seem to be losing loyalty to your brand, based on the time from their last purchase or similar.
  • Customer service. Make dynamic offerings to customers who bought a product last fall, which might need service, or which might be refunded for a newer version during an active campaign.

Our product is packaged, to make sure you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. If you like our standard data model, you will be up and running in a matter of a few weeks. We install the tracking feed on your NP Ecommerce webshop, establish a product feed, and then it’s just a matter of defining your segments.

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