Member management increases sales and visitor frequency

The modules NP Member Management and NP Member Management Online automate processes related to handling member cards and memberships. The member club becomes an integrated part of your ticketing system. With the member management modules, you can:

  • Easily create a member club and subsequently manage the memberships
  • Sell member cards at the entrance and on your website
  • Choose whether the member card should be physical or digital
  • Allow members discounts on the web store and increase sales
  • Analyse the behavior of the members and improve your service.
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Easy creation and handling of memberships

In NP Member Management you can create various kinds of memberships, that can be e.g. defined by duration, discount rate or number of entries. You can also set up for what and how a membership can be upgraded, changed to, renewed with and canceled. This way the sales staff can focus on communicating with the guests, and the system will tell with possibilities the individual member has for changes.

The solution can be set up for member cards either preprinted or printed at the time of issue. The barcode on the member card is connected to the member and is used for identification of the member when visiting the attraction. Images can also be connected to the membership for you to recognise the member.

Hold on to your members

You can create emails with reminders for the system to automatically send a reminder to the members when their membership is about to expire. You can set-up an unlimited number of templates for reminders and in that way decide if the reminder should be sent 3 months before, 2 months before and on the day of expiry or simply a week before and after expiry.

Sell memberships and offer special discounts online

With NP Member Management Online customers can buy member cards for themselves or as a gift directly from the web store. After the purchase members renew or change their membership online with the options that are set-up.

After the creation of the membership, the new member receives an email with username and password for logging into the online store. Now the member can shop in the online store with the possibility of member discount or with a special selection of merchandise.

Increase member loyalty and reduce churn

Both physical and digital memberships can be connected to the member’s purchase of tickets and discounted purchases in shop and cafe, for you to analyse customer behavior. These data give you the opportunity to provide a professional member service, target offers and increase customer loyalty and earnings.

By adding Adyen Payment Service to NP Member Management Online you can enable membership auto-renewal and thus reduce member churn significantly.

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