Microsoft Dynamics NAV now and in the future

October 25, 2017
From Dynamics NAV to Dynamics NAV's future

Microsoft has recently disclosed what they have in store for Dynamics NAV in the near and far future. New names and technologies can result in a sense of uncertainty among the users, but don’t worry – current and upcoming Dynamics NAV solutions are future-proof.

From Dynamics NAV to Dynamics NAV's future

Dynamics NAV 2018 will be released 1st of December

The new version of Dynamics NAV will be released in the same manner as usual – this means that NAV 2018 will be available to buy or rent. Later on, Microsoft will offer a new cloud-based business solution as an extension of Dynamics 365 that includes a full NAV.

Eventually it will all be Dynamics 365

Since Dynamics NAV will eventually become a part of the Dynamics 365 universe, Microsoft has initiated an expansion of Dynamics 365 to include Dynamics NAV technology. At some point the “NAV” will be removed from the name, however, the name change will not change the fact that the NAV code remains the same in the new setup.

In spring 2018, Microsoft will launch a new version of Dynamics 365 in 14 countries. This coming version currently has the code name Dynamics 365 ‘Tenerife’, and it is this version of Dynamics 365 that will eventually include the NAV technology. We will be telling you much more about this new solution from next year.

Project Madiera Marko

“Moving to Dynamics 365 ’Tenerife’ is just another Dynamics NAV upgrade.”

Marko Perisic, General Manager Dynamics SMB, October 2017.

How will these changes affect Dynamics NAV customers?

Basically, these changes will not affect current users of Dynamics NAV – so all customers can continue with their Dynamics NAV solution just as usual. And if a potential customer is planning to invest in an upgrade, this is still also a perfectly great idea, as the upgrade is a future-proof solution. At the point when it becomes pertinent to migrate to the coming Dynamics 365 solution, Microsoft promises that this will be easy, and it should not pose any major challenges.

How about those currently considering Dynamics NAV?

Dynamics NAV is still a safe choice and the right place to start if your customers are on the verge of changing your business system. It makes good sense to choose a well-known and well-proven ERP system with more than 5 million users and a worldwide network of experienced partners, who can provide counselling and support. When you choose Dynamics NAV, you get a solution you can count on. And don’t worry – the solution is future-proof, so when it becomes pertinent to do so, it is not a problem migrating to the next solution.

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