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Create the store of the future with Mixed Reality

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The future is here. With Mixed Reality, brick-and-mortar stores can optimize their inventory management processes and improve customer experience. Combine the real world with the virtual world by visualizing essential product information and stock in real time. Get inspired by the possibilities.

Mixed Reality for optimization of inventory management processes

Mixed Reality gains competitive advantages

Fierce competition impacts the retail industry and therefore it is crucial to reconsider every single aspect of your business to differentiate yourself from others. Retailers need to utilize innovative technology to meet customers’ needs and to make their business processes more efficient. A way to transform brick-and-mortar stores is by utilizing Mixed Reality for customer service and inventory management.

Mixed Reality is a scanning solution that adds elements of virtual icons and animations through the lens of a mobile camera. Retailers can display graphics, animations or other virtual content on the mobile screen, whenever a barcode is scanned.

Create a good customer experience

To offer the best possible experience it is required that your Sales Assistants are well equipped for the job. Today customers expect friendly personnel, but moreover, customers expect to be fed with essential information before buying an item – and preferably without too much waiting time.

Equipped with a mobile device, Sales Assistants have all the essential information at hand. The device gives them the opportunity to check the stock of a specific item and suggest other items in that size or color. In the video below, you can see how a Sales Assistant utilizes Mixed Reality to create a good customer experience in the store.

Have a look on how a Sales Assistant utilizes Mixed Reality in a shoe store.

In the video, it is illustrated, how a Sales Assistant quickly localizes the wanted shoes in the right size, before the customer gets impatient. With the scanning technology, you are able to scan several barcodes at once and quickly display, where the specific pair of shoes are located.

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Optimize inventory management processes

Mixed Reality is not only a helpful tool for Sales Assistants on the floor. Likewise, inventory management processes can be optimized with the scanning technology. The future of retail includes a supply chain with a strong infrastructure. By using Mixed Reality in the warehouse, retailers ensure that all items are registered with the correct price and location. Additionally, you get information on stock and the specific products by scanning several barcodes at once. This means that you can retire the manual scanner at inventory counts.

With the rising e-commerce sale, it is worth mentioning the many online orders and packages that are processed in today’s retail. Here Mixed Reality comes in handy, as you quickly get information on when the packages should be shipped, if they have been returned or how they should be further processed.

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