Mobile Point of Sale to grow rapidly the next 4 years

March 18, 2016

Mobile point of sale’s (mPOS) global breakthrough is going happen very soon. The question is, when the implementation of mobile point of sale is considered a necessity for retailers.

From 13 million to 54 million Mobile Point of Sale units

Mobile Point of Sale is going to experience rapid growth the next 3-4 years according to 451 Research. The research states that mPOS solutions are going to increase from 13.3 million units today to 54.03 million units in 2019.

The survey also draws upon an IT Decision-Maker survey where decision makers across all company sizes are asked about Mobile Point of Sale. 87 % of the IT-decision makers states that accepting card payments on a mobile device is of importance. 451 Research defines a Mobile Point of Sale solution as a smartphone, tablet or other consumer-oriented mobile devices that function as a Point of Sale-terminal and facilitates card transactions.

The many advantages

There are a series of advantages implementing mobile point of sale solutions. Faster checkout, which makes even more transactions possible. The size of the queues is reduced since payment can take place everywhere inside the store, and the personnel can offer a better personal service as they can be by the customer’s side throughout the whole purchasing process. With a mobile point of sale solution, personnel are empowered as they with one click can look up product information and inventory and provide the customer with fast responses if they have questions about the product, size or colour availability etc.

At the same time, mPOS solutions increase the chances for up- and cross-selling, since the personnel quickly can inform the customer about related products and check if it is in stock. You can make your business more mobile, as you practically can take your register anywhere you want as long as you have a smartphone or a tablet. If you wish to make a pop-up store for in- or outdoor events or if you want to test different location’s potential when considering opening a new store or establishing a showroom for a web store.

You can read more about the advantages implementing mPOS solutions here, and try NaviPartner’s mPOS solution for NP Retail for free by clicking here.

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