This is how Mobile WMS optimizes your warehouse

June 15, 2016

Mobile WMS can optimize your work procedures in your warehouse. The efficient and innovative product is easy to implement, does not require a large amount of training and is applicable for NP Retail.

Optimize your warehouse

Mobile WMS is a mobile tool for inventory control. It is a mobile barcode scanning solution that fully integrates with standard Dynamics NAV. All work processes performed with Mobile WMS are updated in real time in Dynamics NAV.

Mobile WMS can carry out all work procedures in your inventory including receiving, moving and counting goods.

This is how Mobile WMS works: receiving inbound goods

The video below illustrates the process when receiving inbound goods.

The work processes of Mobile WMS can also be performed offline. So, if you have bad coverage in the area around your warehouse you can still use this solution without losing data. When you switch from offline to online, everything you have carried out while offline will be updated right away.

Mobile WMS is a complete and field-proven solution that is easy to implement. The solution is very user-friendly and your employees only need a very limited amount of training to use the device properly.

The screen is big with good graphic elements and a very easy-to-use interface.

Get it now

Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory is a field-proven solution applicable for almost all companies with a warehouse. The solution works for NP Retail and NP Entertainment and NaviPartner are part of the Tasklet Factory network of partners. This also means that if you are interested in learning more about this product, we will gladly present the product and all its functionalities to you.