Sell more with an mPOS

Improve your customer experience and your bottom line at the same time.

mPOS – A future-proof mobile Point of Sale solution

Better customer experience

Save your customers time by eliminating lines and being helpful everywhere in the store.

Sell more

Fulfil the needs of the customer from beginning to end and get returning customers.

Empower your staff

Release the staff from the counter and be in close contact when servicing the customers.

Make checkouts fast

Use thoroughly tested hardware for mPOS payments and save both the staff and the customer time.

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Strengthen your staff

Customers today are requiring great customer experiences when they visit and shop in brick-and-mortar stores. By providing your staff with a mobile POS, you can offer your customers a consumer friendly and tailored solution for their life on the move.

A mobile Point of Sale solution will strengthen your staff and increase flexibility for the customer and the Sales Assistants in the store. The staff will have the opportunity to be by the customer’s side from the moment the customer enters the store to a potential sale, as the staff is released from the counter.

Access the inventory anywhere in the store

Improve customer service by accessing the inventory on the mobile device at any time and any place. If the size or model is not in stock, the staff has the opportunity to put in an order and get the item sent directly to the store or the customer’s home address. This results in a better a more personal customer service when the customers visit the brick-and-mortar stores. At the same time, the staff will have all the prerequisites to act as a personal shopper.

Increase sales and customer satisfaction

With a mobile POS, you make sure that your customers save time when purchasing items as they avoid waiting in lines. Mobile POS solutions can result in increased sales, as the Sales Assistants have the opportunity to be next to the customer with a payment terminal as soon as the customer decides to make a purchase.

When providing the customer with fast and great customer service, the customers will be more inclined to return to the same store, in which they had a good experience.

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Thoroughly tested hardware for mPOS

The personal service and increased flexibility when serving customers not only requires a mobile POS – it also requires the right hardware e.g. Point of Sale using tablets.

At NaviPartner, we have selected a shortlist of hardware that is both compatible with a mobile Point of Sale solution and also user-friendly for staff and customers during sales – e.g. a mobile phone POS.

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Receive all kinds of payments

The staff is able to receive all kinds of payments with a tablet or smartphone everywhere in the store.

These payments include transactions by scan, swipe or by inserting a credit card, and is also able to make mobile payments from MobilePay by using a QR code.

Your stores can make use of gift vouchers, member points or discount coupons equally with cash or credit card payments.

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Mobile POS across borders

Streamline your payment solution for all your stores across borders and benefit from the many possibilities and benefits of a mobile POS. NaviPartner’s mPOS solution can be integrated to Adyen’s payment solution so that all your stores can receive local credit cards and payment solutions, hereunder mobile and contactless payments.

With this integration, there is no room for excuses for not providing a better customer service and get an upsell, when using mPOS for all your stores – also internationally.

See more about the integration and mPOS in foreign countries in the video.

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