NaviConnect automates your data transfers

Enable easy updates of prices, inventory figures, and other data with a module that automates data transfers between Dynamics and POS or web store.

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NaviConnect manages by the means of XML templates

  • We set up on or more XML templates that control which data are included in the Dynamics templates, that are exported. An example of a template is an item template with variants for colour and size
  • As the structure of the XML data is exclusively controlled by the Dynamics template minor changes in the setup can be performed with ease and speed once the template has been set up.

Choose whether the data export should be continuous or periodical

  • In transaction mode, the data is exported continuously from Dynamics every time there occurs a transaction that changes the data in Dynamics e.g. when an order is completed and an item is deduced from the inventory
  • In batch mode, the data is exported periodically. This could be a daily export of the complete inventory figures from Dynamics.  The frequency is defined in the template. The batch can also be set up to be manual.

Receive the files in manageable sizes

By means of the template, you can also control the size of the portions in which the export is divided into, e.g. how many items a file will contain.

Choose between various transfer methods

The template controls where the exported XML files are placed. The makes it possible to choose the transaction method that fits the purpose of the exported data.

  • For sharing data amongst multiple recipients, the XML files are placed on an FTP server
  • For automatic import into the web store, the XML files are placed as a parameter in a web service
  • For manual import, the XML files are placed in a local folder.

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